Best Accessories for the Gigging DJ

Several people can DJ with the right equipment. And, some people are professional DJs with regular gigs. These individuals need more than basic equipment. They also utilize some of the best DJ accessories to maximize their performance on stage. If you are a gigging DJ, the following popular accessories are a must.

Numark DJ IO2

The Numark DJ IO2 is the new and improved version of the original Numark DJ IO. It comes equipped with a new four-out audio interface, and you can plug in you Mac or PC to the device. With the Numark, you also have two independent stereo outputs. This way you can plug in your speakers and headphones at the same time. You can also listen to different music on each outlet. One of the reasons many DJs like the Numark model is because it has a microphone socket.

UDG Digi Hard Case

When you are on the road as a DJ, it is important to have good cases to protect your belongings. The large UDG Digi hard case is particularly nice. It has a USB hub to charge your devices. The case also holds everything in place with elastic bands and mesh bags. You can zip everything together for ideal storage on the go.

Hercules Laptop Stand

When you are DJing, you want a laptop stand that is solid. A lot of the U-type stands are wobbly. This one is adjustable according to your height needs, and it can hold up to 22 pounds. The platform does not move, and it has the ability to work with various controllers. In addition, this stand is actually portable. It folds up small and comes equipped with a heavy-duty carrying bag.


The DJ-Tech is a controller that DVS users will lover using. It adds back all of the encoders, buttons, and knobs that you have when you DJ with a vinyl or CD player. It also has other amazing capabilities like sampler, cues, FX, tracking loading, and more. This CTRL is high in quality, but it has a price tag that is a little more affordable than other options.

UDG Urbanite Flight Bag

UDG designs budget conscious bags that are high in quality. They are not only for plane rides. In fact, many other people use them to transport their belongings to and from various destinations. It is a great bag to store your controller and small accessories. There are no outside pockets, so you will not have to worry about things falling out. Also, if you do fly, it will fit nicely under the seat in front of you.

Gemini Slate 4 DJ Controller

The Gemini Slate is an amazing controller that costs $249. It comes with a metal case and performs well for the price. You will get 16 RGB of performance. Even better, you have four channels with this new controller.

These are just a few of the best accessories available for today’s DJs. For more information on DJ accessories you can also check out places like IDJNow.

There are several others, including top-notch speakers and high performance headphones. If you want to improve your DJ performance and keep your audience entertained, make sure to invest in a few of these accessories to complete your live rig.



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