Bad Driving Habits You Need To Give Up Today!

Before we passed our driving tests, we were all taught the correct way to drive. For instance, we learnt to obey the rules of the road and how to perceive hazards. But I can guarantee you that all car drivers have picked up bad habits since they passed their tests!

A lot of bad habits are just annoying, but some can be quite dangerous. If you want to be a better driver, here are a few examples of the bad habits you need to kick today!

Using a mobile phone whilst driving

One of the biggest bugbears that I have is with people using their mobile phones whilst driving. It is illegal to do so in many parts of the world. I often come across people talking or even texting behind the wheel!

In case you don’t understand why, let me explain the implications of using your mobile whilst driving. If you avert your eyes off the road for just one second, you are  likely to collide with another motorist or pedestrian. The odds are even worse if you do so at high speed.

Driving like a speed demon

Some motorists feel the need to drive like a speed demon! Driving with excessive speed, especially in built-up areas, is just asking for trouble. Not only are you dicing with death, but you are more likely to have the police pull you over and issue you with a penalty fine.

Habitual speeders can even have their licence taken away from them. That can result in them losing their jobs and even their homes, in some extreme cases. Speeding is an example of having disregard for the law. The speed limits are there for a reason!

Slow driving

On the other side of the spectrum are people who just drive slow! You might think that slower drivers are not breaking any laws. After all, they are well under the speed limits?

The truth is, slow driving can sometimes be dangerous. For example, by not keeping up with the traffic flow on a highway, you risk colliding with a speeder if they’ve not seen you in time.

Not using indicators

Some car drivers are notorious for changing lanes or turning without indicating. A friend of mine that works for Sunny Hill Motors once joked that such cars are ghost cars because they just hover across the road!

Driving without indicating is a bad habit you need to address immediately. If other road users aren’t aware of your intentions, they might collide with your car by accident.

Listening to music at high volume

Everyone loves listening to their favourite tunes in the car. But listening to them at high volumes can be a nuisance. It is especially so if an ambulance or police car needs to get past you at a junction.

It can also be a nuisance to people in built-up areas, especially if you are listening to loud music between 11pm and 7am. There is also the fact that other people might not have the same taste in music that you do!


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