Awesome Bar Tricks To impress Your Mates

There’s nothing as timeless and classic as a brilliant bar trick. It’s the perfect wager to make sure that you never have to pay for a drink again! You’ll impress your mates and maybe one or two of the girls at the bar too. Guys just can’t resist taking on a bet, and that’s why bar tricks are so devilishly simple. You intrigue and hook your friends in. They think there’s no way you can do what you’re claiming.

They think they’re well on their way to a free drink. Little do they know that you’ve conned them with a genius, simple trick. The beauty of bar tricks is their sheer simplicity. It takes the impossible and makes it easy. Just like any magic trick, when you see the result, it all makes sense! You can do these in the bar, or at home in the bachelor pad with some friends. You’ll have to work on your showmanship and maybe add a little flair and excitement to these tricks. But, at their core, it’s easy. Today we’re going to show you the secrets to unleashing the magician inside of you! And if that seems a bit much, well think of it as the secrets to a free drink.

The matchbox – The matchbox is great because it plays on your friends’ common sense. You tell your mates that you can see through the matchbox. You tell them that you can identify which side the red spark heads are on. Your friends will think about it long and hard. But they’ll ultimately realise that there’s no way to know, so they’ll take you on. The answer is simple. You just balance the box over a fork handle. The side with the spark heads is heavier so it will fall that way. Simple!



The named paper – This one requires nothing but a piece of paper and a pen. Fold the paper into thirds and write three names, one on each third. Put your friend’s name in the middle. Then rip the paper into those thirds, each with a name on it. You then bet your friend that without looking, you will always pick up the paper with his name on it. This one is so simple, you’ll laugh. All you have to do is feel for the piece of paper with two rough edges. It was in the middle remember, so the other two names will have a straight paper edge!

The Whiskey and water – There are thousands of bar tricks out there. But this is our favourite. Not just because it always works, but because even you are surprised when it does! For this one, you’ll need two shot glasses. One with water in it, right to the brim, one with whiskey, right to the top. You bet your friends that you can make the water and whiskey switch places without using another glass. The trick is to put a playing card over the glass of water. Then turn it upside down and place it on top of the glass of whiskey. Slowly pull the card away to make a small gap. The whiskey will rise into the top glass and the water will sink into the lower glass. Magic!

All of these are simple and easy. Try one next time and win yourself a free pint!

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Published on: March 24, 2015

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