Avoid Disaster By Learning How To Deal With Stress

Everyone experiences stress at many different points in their lives. It might come from the workplace or home, you might be worrying about money or just trying to meet a deadline. But if you aren’t careful stress can build until you’re unable to cope with it anymore. You could experience a burnout at work or even develop health problems if your stress is too much and goes unchecked. To avoid the disaster of a breakdown or deteriorating mental or physical health, find a method to help you cope from day to day. You might enjoy meditating, writing about your feelings or just taking a break to watch TV.

Change How You Approach Stressors

Although there are many ways to wind down from the stress of something, they don’t make the stressor go away. To reduce their effect on you as you deal with them, change the way you approach them and think about them. When you face something that causes you stress you can focus on doing one of four things: avoid, alter, adapt or accept. If it’s possible to avoid the stressor, don’t force yourself to face it. You can try to alter the thing that’s stressing you, changing it, so it doesn’t have the same effect. Another option is to change your reaction, rather than the stressor. You can adapt to the cause of your stress, or accept it for what it is.


Relaxing takes many forms. Some people might relax through meditation. You can relax your body and mind using a range of techniques. These methods include breathing techniques and visualization. You might also relax by going for a walk or doing another gentle form of exercise, such as yoga. You could take a long bath, light some candles or listen to music. It’s up to you what makes you feel calm and relaxed. While you relax, you might use the time to work through your thoughts and feelings about what makes you stressed. Or you may prefer to put it out of your mind and think of more pleasant things.

Fun and Exercise

Exercise can help you to release tension from your day. Perhaps you’ll go for a run, spend time at the gym or go for a bike ride. Some people prefer to “relax” more physically, instead of sitting or lying still. Stress can sometimes make you feel restless and getting out of the house to work off some energy can help. Having fun in other ways helps many people too. Some might turn to herbal highs while others prefer to enjoy a meal with friends.

Express Your Feelings

A lot of people find it difficult to express their feelings. Although people talk about men being unable to discuss their emotions, it isn’t just a male affliction. Learning to talk about your stress can be extremely difficult. But opening up to a loved one or a professional helps to share your problems. If talking isn’t your thing, you might consider writing about your stress. Even if no one else reads what you write, the act of writing down your problems is cathartic and will help you to deal with stress.

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