Are You A Tech Geek? Love Cars? Check Out The Fiat 500!

Most cars these days have modern technology features such as climate control, electric windows, heated seats and even rain-sensing windscreen wipers. But one of the best cars for technology geeks like you and I has to be the Fiat 500!

The Italian car manufacturer is always looking at ways to attract and convert owners of competitor cars, and one such way is to improve the technology used within their models, such as the 500.

This particular car has been around since 2007 and has attracted a worldwide fan base, but style and nostalgia aren’t the only ways to make a car popular these days. Here is a compilation of some of the best technology Fiat have used in the 500!

Start & Stop

Something that you see in some new cars these days is Start & Stop technology. In a nutshell, this is a revolutionary feature of modern cars that helps you to save fuel and be kinder to the environment.

The way that it works is simple; when you pull up to a set of traffic lights, for example, and you are stationary for more than a few seconds, the engine will automatically switch itself off. And then, when you are ready to set off (i.e. by putting your left foot down on the clutch and the right one on the brake pedal), the engine will automatically switch itself back on again, as if by magic!

Blue & Me

A collaboration between Fiat and software giant Microsoft has resulted in a new and exciting technology that can be found in some Fiat 500 models called Blue & Me.

It is essentially a modular technology that allows for certain features to be installed into the car such as Bluetooth and USB connectivity for smartphones, hands-free voice calling, and the “Nav” version also includes an enhanced GPS satellite navigation system that utilises mapping technology from TomTom and Navteq.

Another add-on item to this technology framework is called “eco:drive”. For those of you that are really geeky, you can analyse how eco-friendly your driving is by downloading CO2 (carbon dioxide) and fuel consumption data to a USB drive which you can then scrutinise on your computer!

Dualogic Gearbox

When you look at any used Fiat for sale, in particular the Fiat 500, you will notice that most cars come as standard with a manual gearbox. But on petrol models you can specify an upgrade to the Dualogic gearbox.

This semi-automatic transmission enables you to change gear like in a car with a manual transmission except that you don’t need to operate a clutch pedal in conjunction with it. But for those of you that would prefer to drive the car as if it were a standard automatic car, the Dualogic gearbox also offers you this facility too.

Technically this transmission is classed as an electrohydraulic manual gearbox, so it does still have a clutch except the car’s electronic and hydraulic systems control it, rather than it having to be manually operated like in a car with a normal manual gearbox.

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