Are 4G phone contracts worth the extra cost?

Many men may wonder if it is worth their money to invest in a 4G contract over a 3G contract, but everyone’s needs are different. Every guy has a job and family responsibilities that are completely different even from the guy that works in the next office over, the next cubicle or next door. You have to consider what you are using your phone for before you decide that getting a 4G contract is going to be worth the money.

1. Do You Use Your Phone To Work?

If you use your phone to download documents, video call clients or send videos to clients, it is likely a wise idea to have a 4G contract. 4G is faster and allows for faster downloads of documents. Plus, video calls and international phone calls will be better connected and better quality.

2. Do You Talk and Text A Lot?

The guy who has kids and a spouse sending him videos and photos, and ‘FaceTiming’ or video calling often should consider a 4G contract because his phone will not be able to keep up with all of those texts and calls if he is on a slow phone. However, if a guy does not spend a great deal of his time on his phone during the day, he may not need a phone that has such a fast connection.

3. Do You Take A Lot Of Pictures?

Many people have taken to using their phone as a personal camera rather than investing money in a separate camera. Because of this, many guys may want to have a faster connection speed simply to allow their phone to send the photos and videos to the cloud (and Facebook) fast enough. Also, the guy who is taking pictures is likely sending those pictures and videos to people. Without the faster connection, it is hard to share those photos and videos with any speed. 4G means the difference between sending a single photo to a friend and an entire photo album.

It all comes down to how you use your phone. If you’re a data hog then 4G is a good investment, if you rarely use your phone – or only use it for texting and calling – it’s probably wasted money.

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Published on: March 7, 2014

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4 Responses to Are 4G phone contracts worth the extra cost?

  1. Dustin R. says:

    I think I probably should invest in a 4G contract, because I use my phone for work and like to do facetime and those sorts of things. Sounds like it could make my phone quite a bit quicker.

  2. Ryan Wilkins says:

    These are good tips, but how much faster exactly is the 4G connection? Does it really make so much of a difference?

  3. Max says:

    Ryan, like the article says, 4G isn’t really so much better unless you use your phone a lot and for specific things. If you just use it for the standard stuff then I wouldn’t recommend the upgrade, it would probably be a waste of money.

  4. Harry Lisle says:

    I recently upgraded to 4G and I love it, my browser is a million times faster and everything runs more smoothly.

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