Android vs iPhone vs Windows Phone 8

When it comes to the smartphone industry, the three true competitors are Android, iPhone and Windows. While there are other options out there, these three are the biggest competitors to maintain a hefty share of the industry market. And this is for good reason, as they each offer plenty of features and benefits that set them apart from others. Here is a look at each operating system and what they offer.

The best part about Android is that it is run on a variety of different smartphones and handheld devices. This means that if you don’t like a specific phone model, whether because the screen size isn’t big enough for your hands or it doesn’t offer the features you want, then you can opt for another choice that still has the OS. Furthermore, Androids app store is a bit more lenient in terms of what it offers. This is convenient for those looking to develop their own apps, but also for people who want to be able to download whatever they want, not just apps that are approved by an app store. Android continues to grow in the market and has a huge advantage over other operating systems.

iPhones are the only smartphones to run on iOS. This exclusivity is both a blessing and a curse. Unlike Android, which has to account for a variety of different devices, Apple’s iOS operating systems runs, and runs well, because it only work on Apple products. iPhone also offers a ton of creative options and it tends to be the place that most app developers go to release their apps if they want to reach the most customers. There is something special and elegant about the iPhone, which makes it a top contender in the smartphone market. If you want a great phone that ‘just works’ and don’t mind the lack of options, the iPhone is for you.

Windows Phone 8
Windows phones are newer to the market, but with Windows Phone 8, they are making a splash in the industry. They use an operating system that many computer users will be familiar with as it appears very similar to the main Windows 8 operating system. The best part is that users can sync their computer, tablet and phone that are all running Windows 8 with ease. For those who use Microsoft Office regularly the included Word, Excel and Powerpoint apps make this phone OS best for productivity. As Windows Phone 8 becomes more of a competitor in the market, there will be a bigger choices of phones to enjoy with this great operating system.

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Published on: March 7, 2014

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