Amazing Ways to Make Your Bedroom Fit For Winter

Having a beautiful home is a must. While many of us focus on our living areas, we often forget to update and spruce up our bedrooms. When it comes to winter, we can really feel the pinch. Our bedrooms can often be cold. During the summer, having a cold house is an advantage. But, when it comes to winter it’s time to reclaim the heat. After all, there is nothing worse than a cold bedroom in the midst of winter.

Here are some fantastic ways that you can make your bedroom fit for winter.

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Invest in Good Quality Bedding

When it comes to winter, it’s time to invest in good bedding. A thick 13.5 tog duvet is sure to keep the cold at bay. After all, you may have a thinner duvet for the summer, but this will not keep you warm in the winter. You may want to invest in thicker flannel-style bedding for your duvet. A thick flannel bedding set is the epitome of winter design. But, you can ensure that you are toasty and warm during the cold, frosty months.


Insulation in any house is a must. You can choose from cavity wall or loft insulation. This is the perfect way to keep your 3 bedroom town house in Shaldon toasty during the months. Whether you opt for cavity wall or loft insulation, this will ensure that your energy bills are brought down too. This kind of insulation is fit for purpose for over forty years. So, if you are looking at being savvier with your cash, this is a wise investment. Low energy bills and a warm house? What could be better? You may be eligible for a grant from your local council, so do ensure that you research all of your options before you part with any cash.

Thick Curtains

Thick curtains are a blessing all year round. In the summer, you can block out the early morning light. But, in the winter they can prevent drafts from coming through the window. Opt for a blackout style curtain with a thick lining. Choose a densely woven fabric with a heavy lining feature on the back of the curtain. This is the best way to ensure that your bedroom remains warm during the winter months. While these can be expensive, they are certainly an investment. After all, you don’t want to keep replacing curtains every winter.

Rugs and Fabrics

Carpets and fabrics are the best way to preserve heat during the long winter months. If you have wooden flooring feature in your home, rugs can take the nip out of the air. Ensuring that your room is fit for a king or queen is easy. Invest in high-quality fabrics so that the heat is trapped in. This is an excellent way of making sure that you have all of the required warmth stored in your room. This means that you don’t have to put the heating on regularly too. This is the ultimate win-win situation.

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