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You’ve seen all the James Bond movies and you think you’d love to drive a car just like the one that James Bond drove. There are James Bond cars you can actually afford. You won’t get all the extras like machine guns, lasers and ejection seats. However there are models of James Bond cars that you can afford in today’s market.

The earliest James Bond car was a Sunbeam Alpine. The Alpine was used in the first James Bond movie. The reason for this is that it was one of the few sports cars available in Jamaica when the movie was filmed. Alpines are still available today. You can find one in good condition for about $15,000.

The most recognizable James Bond car is an Aston Martin. Several different models have been used in Bond films. Most memorable was the DB5 model, used in several films. The V8 Volante and Vanquish models were used in later films. Most of these models still retain much of their original value.

In the 1977 movie the spy who loved me bonds drove a Lotus Esprit In the movie the car turned into a submarine. Today you can purchase a Lotus Esprit for about $45,000. It won’t turn into a submarine but it is a Lotus and still performs remarkably well.
In various movies Bond drove three different BMW models. These three models were a Z3, a 750 IL and a Z8. In today’s market a Z3 in good condition will bring anywhere from $18000-$20,000. A vintage 750 IL can be had for around $8000. A Z8 will still bring in the neighborhood of $100,000 plus.

All of the cars that James Bond drove and made famous in the movies are still available on the open market. The Aston Martin models and the BMW Z8 will still bring the highest prices. Many consider the Lotus Esprit to still be the sexiest Bond car made.

If James Bond is your idol, the car he drove is out there for you.

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  1. Simon says:

    I dream of driving an aston martin like bond’s , maybe someday. Better start saving, or get one of those older models that you mentioned.

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