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There are lots of dull but necessary things you need to do in life, and selling your home is one of them. When you want to move home, you can be hindered by the sale of your house, especially when you can’t get offers high enough. But if you want to increase its value, whether you do it slowly or quickly, there are lots of things you can do. Adding some extra value to your home will make selling it less stressful when you receive offers closer to your desired amount. Take on some of these home improvement projects or hire someone else to do them to fetch more for your house when it’s time to sell.


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Add an Extra Room

Extra space can be a brilliant way of adding value to your home whether it’s another bedroom, bathroom or den. There are lots of ways you can add extra rooms or convert existing space, so it’s more useful. For example, you could build an extension either outwards or upwards, but you don’t have to build. You can also convert an existing room, such as the basement or attic, into another bedroom or something else. You could even turn your basement, garage or attic into an annexe apartment, which the next owners can rent out, use for guests or house parents or teenagers in.

Spruce Up the Exterior

Everyone worries about the interior of the house but remember their first impression is the outside. If you love spending time outdoors and getting stuck in with DIY, there are lots of things you could work on outside. If you wanted to give the entire exterior a facelift, you could hire a siding installation contractor to improve it immediately. But you can do minor fixes yourself, such as repainting window and door frames or even filling in cracks or holes in grouting, bricks or cement.

Make More Space

Instead of adding an extra room, another way to expand the living space is to make the most of what you have. You can make a room seem a lot bigger by removing unnecessary elements, such as a kitchen island. Knocking out a non-supporting wall is also a good idea, perhaps to combine the dining room and kitchen into one, airy space. Make sure you use your space as effectively as possible, so nothing looks cramped and cluttered.

Focus on Floors

Many realtors recommend reassessing your floors before you sell. Tired carpets or scratched wood will put people off. It’s worth thinking about a change, and it’s one of the projects you can attempt yourself. Some of the things you do could just be minor repairs, so you don’t always need to replace the whole floor. Fix any squeaking floorboards and repair broken tiles. You should also consider getting rid of entirely carpeted rooms – focus on well-placed rugs instead.

Adding value to your home doesn’t have to be stressful. Whether you decide to take on a large project or a small one, just a few changes could fetch you much more when you sell.


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