A Review of the New Toyota Aygo

Toyota has reminded us to ‘go fun ourselves’ in the midst of advertising their new Aygo. But, is the car worth the hype?

Over ten years ago, the Toyota, Citroen and Peugeot masterminds decided to join forces. There has been the little car syndrome for over a decade now, giving us the Aygo, C1 and 107. Let’s be honest, each respective company has profited from these nifty small cars.

But, in 2014, we wanted more from our car. The Aygo has been given a styling makeover. What is more, it has been subjected to some incredible feats of engineering. Inchcape Toyota have seen people buy this car en masse.

The revisions were both welcome and needed. The VW Up! And the Hyundai i10 have been game changers for the city car scene. The VW Up! Has had tremendous success. Some have claimed it is akin to a tiny version of the Golf. Now, that is a serious accolade.

In the midst of game-changing, Toyota needed a competitive vehicle that could outrival VW and Hyundai. So, with the customisation of cars being an enormous part of car ownership, Toyota has made the Aygo a fully personalised vehicle. They seriously have told VW and Hyundai to go fun themselves.

So, what does this mean for consumers? Are you a fan of the new Aygo?


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Let’s take a look at the specs. Is it really worth the hype?

There have been some positive reviews of the revised Aygo. The engineering work has been carried so that the car is lighter. This means that it can really move when you consider that it has aerodynamic detailing. As a driver, you will see the benefits of the better fuel economy that new Aygo offers. The car is somewhat more refined. It is quieter, smooth and a dream to drive. The attention to detail on the suspension has not gone unnoticed too.

As with all Aygo models there is only once choice of engine. You have the 998cc three-cylinder petrol engine that is capable of an impressive 69 BHP. This means that the car ultimately feels faster when you are driving it. But, it is a smooth drive, and you feel less of the road. Despite its seemingly small size, it does not feel like a go-kart likes it predecessors did.

Its fuel efficiency cannot be rivalled. With the five-speed manual version, you are well the 100 g/km threshold for CO2 output. This means, tax avoidance fans that your car becomes exempt from road tax. What a great benefit to a remarkable car. One of the other benefits of this car is that it holds its value. For those who hate depreciation rates, this is not going to be a concern with the Aygo.  In fact, it is an all-rounder. The car is nippy, cheap and looks the part. You wouldn’t feel like you were compromising price for efficiency.

Of course, this car may not be suitable for some. Large families, country dwellers and the like will not feel the benefits of this car. But for the ultimate city slicker, this car will serve you well.

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