A Note About Gun Safety

Anyone with experience in owning and using firearms should know that safety always comes first. An accidental shooting is a tragic incident that no one should have to experience. Recent statistics plainly show that this is an issue that cannot be ignored. Approximately 16,000 people are treated for accidental gunshot wounds every year. The actual number may even be higher due to underreporting and other uncommon circumstances associated with such an incident. It is the responsibility of gun owners to prevent these incidents by practicing gun safety and store their firearms in locking gun cabinets.


Recent studies have shown that many children and young teens in the US live in households where guns are left in unlocked storage. This can lead not only to accidental shootings, but intentional ones as well. Whether a child is taking out the gun to show it off to a friend, or do something more serious like attempt suicide, it can result in consequences that no family should have to deal with.


These statistics and more like them can be found at, a valuable resource for any gun owner. Staying informed on the current laws and proper conduct is one of the best ways for gun owners to stay safe and protect both themselves and their loved ones.


Only those with the proper training and preparation should handle a gun. It has also been shown that the guns used in many public shootings were also taken from a family home. Incidents like these can easily be avoided by storing guns in a locked cabinet or by purchasing a purpose built cabinet – such as the Monster Vault (pictured).


Purpose built gun cabinets are designed for the utmost security, with multiple locks on both the outside and the inside. They may also have internal compartments where ammunition can be stored separately from the guns, further decreasing the risk of an accidental shooting. Many cabinets even require a code to open, which should only be known by the gun’s owner. This also protects your firearms from theft, since the valuable items are often a popular target.


Accidental violence is easy to prevent with the simple application of a locking gun cabinet. By the statistics, it is plain to see that this issue of accidental shootings remains a concern. Therefore, it is on gun owners to keep their firearms where only the privileged few can access them. With a smart design and comprehensive locking system, the right safe for you could be the perfect addition to a gun collection. Protecting both your family and your valuables is now a lot easier with this great accessory.

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