A Muscle-Building Diet

Packing on mass does not necessarily mean gaining muscle and they will require very different lifestyles. While a lot of the work is done in the gym, a diet is going to be just as important for those that are looking to make the best gains. Here is a closer look at how to create a balanced diet that is designed for one thing: to put on muscle as quickly and effectively as possible.

The Staples
Many understand the staples of a generally healthy diet, but are not quite sure how a healthy diet can be adapted to create muscle fast. To start with, this is going to mean lots of protein that can easily be broken down by the body. After every single workout, minor tears in the muscles need to be repaired and the body is going to be starved for nutrition. Meals should be built around eggs, salmon, chicken, quinoa, and even red meat. While red meat is often seen as a source of extra fat, cuts such as rounds and loins are often as lean as chicken.

Almost as important as what is eaten is when it is eaten, and this includes snacks throughout the day. Fatty snacks should be avoided as all costs as every ounce of fat on the body is taking away from nutrients going to the muscles. Post-workout snacks should include proteins that are easy to break down such as yogurts and berries, cottage cheese, and even the occasional chocolate milk. Throughout the day, a handful of almonds or dry-roasted nuts are a great way to add in some extra nutrients while suppressing unnecessary cravings.

There is no single golden rule or surefire plan for packing on muscle, but in in the end it all comes down to protein for building for developing muscles and complex carbs for the intense workouts. These few options can be mixed and matched repeatedly to change flavors while still providing maximum health benefits.

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Published on: March 7, 2014

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5 Responses to A Muscle-Building Diet

  1. Adam Lotz says:

    Thanks for the tips, I’m hoping to bulk up a bit this year so need to get on that protein.

  2. Shane Ryder says:

    There are some fattening foods that can be useful while building muscle, peanut butter for example. I’d say it’s more about sticking to healthy fats rather than junk.

  3. Jack H says:

    Meat and protein shakes and lots of time in the gym, that’s the only way.

  4. Oliver S. says:

    I disagree that meat is always necessary to build muscle, there are plenty of vegetarian sources of protein like pulses, beans, eggs, nuts and so on.

  5. Michael says:

    There are some veggie sources of protein, true, but you have to consume a lot more of them to match the amount you can get from meat. It’s hard to match meat when it comes to gaining muscle mass. Time spent in the gym is the most important part, though.

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