A Guide to Taking Care of Your Vision

Taking care of your vision is very important. Almost everybody’s vision deteriorates as we age, so the best thing we can do is look after it as well as possible to ensure that it doesn’t deteriorate too much. It isn’t nice losing your sight! Let’s take a look at some important steps we can all take:

Have a Regular Eye Checkup

Regular eye checkups are very important. Our eyes won’t always hurt when there’s a problem; in fact, it’s very rare. Not only will an eye checkup make us aware of any changing prescriptions, it’ll also make us aware of any eye problems that we didn’t know about before. If found early enough, these can usually be treated. An eye test every few years is recommended, but you should see a doctor if you become concerned about your vision at any time.

Don’t Smoke

Smokers are not only harming themselves in multiple other ways, but they could be giving themselves age related macular degeneration too. Smokers are way more susceptible to eye issues as well as many other health issues, so the best thing you can do is stay away from the fags.

Do Some Exercise

Believe it or not, exercise can greatly benefit the eyes. That’s not to mention all of the other health benefits it has either! By simply getting up and moving more, you can do wonders for you health. Find something you enjoy and stick to it.

Eat a Healthy Balanced Diet

A healthy, balanced diet is absolutely essential. Plenty of fruit and veg is so important, so make sure you try to hit the recommended daily allowance. Your retinas will thank you!

Don’t Binge Drink

Consuming a lot of alcohol can contribute to many problems, but it can also be the cause of age related macular degeneration. Daily limits are 3-4 units for men and 2-3 for women, but you should avoid drinking every day if you can. Tot up how much you drink a week and work out whether you need to cut down.

Wear Sunglasses

Protecting your eyes from the sun isn’t hard and can actually be fashionable. Treat yourself to a pair of quality sunglasses to stop the sun’s UV rays – some glasses are just dark and won’t stop the rays, so make sure they are proper glasses. You can also wear a wide brimmed hat.

Don’t Wear Contact Lenses for too Long

Wearing contact lenses for too long can stop the oxygen flow to your eyes and dry them out. You definitely shouldn’t wear them while sleeping, as this can seriously damage your eyes. They need a break every now and again! Don’t wear them while swimming either.

Avoid Wearing 3D Glasses for Too Long

3D glasses can also have a negative effect on the eyes, so make sure you don’t wear these for too long either.

Taking care of our vision is essential if we want to keep it near perfect for as long as possible. Remember to see a doctor if you notice any change at all, and continue to have regular checkups.


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