A Guide To Help You With Your Renovation Quote

Home renovations can be a thrilling time in life, especially if it’s your first time. But along with the excitement, it can also be a daunting and difficult process that you don’t entirely understand. And it’s even more baffling for those who aren’t familiar with building trades. Hiring contractors and seeking council approval, while sticking to building and construction laws, can be an intimidating task. Getting your planning and finances right is critical to your renovation’s success, with any miscommunications or budget mishaps leaving the project potentially derailed. Through all of these challenges, the first step is to get the quote right. A good quote will outline what needs to be done, how much it will cost, and even a timeline for completion. This article will outline how to secure a good quote for your renovation.

Understand The Lingo

It can be hard to make head or tail of your quote if you don’t understand what your contractors are actually talking about. Everyone involved in your renovation will have a different specialty and might not be aware that you’re not speaking the same language. For example, a quote from an equipment hire company like Mabey Hire might include shoring equipment – can you tell if your renovation site needs shoring? (Shoring is the process of propping up a structure or trench during repairs to prevent collapses, by the way). Spend some time talking to your contractors to fully understand what they are proposing for your renovation. Make sure you have this conversation before they provide you with the official quote.

Ask For Detailed Quotes

Detailed quotes are a renovators best friend. But to get detailed quotes, you’ve got to provide your contractors with detailed information. Provide your contractors with all the information and specifications they will need to estimate correctly. Even the most experienced builder will have trouble giving true approximations without specific plans and a clear understanding of the scope. Without descriptive plans, a builder will find it hard to give you more than a rough evaluation. In return for the information you are giving, ask your builders to provide a detailed quote – one that itemises all of the costs. Then schedule a meeting to talk through the quote together.

As well as the quote, request a list with any further expenses not incorporated within the quote, to help you determine all building outlays. Itemised lists of finances help give you an indication of what phases or materials will be most expensive and where the bulk of your money will be spent.

Don’t Be Afraid to Bring In an Independent Third Party

Perhaps the most dependable way of reading and comprehending a “builders quote” is to call in a unbiased third party. Consider a building inspector, or another person with thorough knowledge in the construction industry who has no monetary advantage from the actual delivery of your renovation. This third party can assist in clarifying the quotes or associated costs and plans, with no hidden motivation or conflict of interest.

Although quotes, plans and builder’s terminology may be a bit daunting, don’t let it discourage you. Ask lots of questions and you will become well informed and aware. Knowledge is power and will help you get the house of your dreams, without any MAJOR mishaps.

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