A Brief History of Wakeboard Racks

The History of Wakeboard Racks


For individuals who have a passion for extreme sports, thrill seeking is a year-round pursuit. In the winter, many adrenaline junkies seek out any opportunity they can find to go snowboarding or skiing. Those who live in warm climates may instead take up an interest in surfing. While the three of these exciting sports have a lot to offer on their own, a combination of them all creates one of today’s most popular watersports known as wakeboarding. With a brief history of wakeboarding and wake board racks for boats, you can come to better understand the thrilling and competitive nature of the sport today.


The Creation of a Sport


As mentioned before, wakeboarding began as a combination of several popular extreme sports. Like the land sports of skiing and snowboarding, wakeboarding requires careful balance. While some may mistake wakeboarding and surfing for being the same, one of the key differences in wakeboarding is the need for a boat and wake tower. Surfers use the natural occurrence of waves, while wakeboarders ride the wake or wave left behind from a motor boat. A rope and handle attached to the tower allow the rider to stay in the boat’s wake and ride the current.


Name Change


At the sports inception in Australia and New Zealand, wakeboarding was often referred to as “skurfing”. As experienced surfers and snowboarders began to catch on to the sport, the evolution of wakeboarding began, and many improvements were made to the sport over the years. With the use of new materials, boards became more buoyant, and a wider demographic began taking interest in the sport for recreational and competitive purposes. With the evolution of the board came the new term “wakeboarding” which has stuck around today.


Advancement in Equipment


Just as the wakeboard has evolved other equipment has also come into inception; wake board racks for boats quickly became an important product for real life users. Until recently, few aftermarket retailers were equipped to cater to the needs of wake board enthusiasts worldwide. Retailers like Big Air, and Wake Essentials are but a few niche manufacturers that saw the need to bring affordable wake boarding products to the consumer, helping to further the popularity of wakeboarding in general. On a practical level, keeping the deck of the boat free and clear of tripping hazards is essential to maximizing the limited space most boats have available. Using a wake board rack, wakeboarders can prevent serious safety hazards on board the boat, as well as protect their equipment from getting damaged while not in use.


With this basic background knowledge of wakeboarding as a sport and hobby, you can see why it has become a fun and exciting pursuit of thrill-seekers and excitement-lovers everywhere. With the help of modern equipment like wake board racks, you can keep boat passengers and boarding equipment safe at all times while perfecting your wakeboarding skills.



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