8 Awesome Active Holiday Ideas

If the idea of sunbathing, reading and relaxing is not your idea of an enjoyable holiday, have you considered an action-packed vacation? Holidays that involve plenty of exercise and adventure can often be the most memorable. They can also be very fulfilling and rewarding.

There are many possibilities for an active holiday, from surfing to snowboarding and cycling to camping. It’s a good idea to start with the sports and adventures that you are interested in or have experience with. For example, if you love fishing in your local area, why not carry on this interest in a different, more exotic part of the world? If you need a little inspiration, here are eight awesome active holidays ideas that will get your heart racing.


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  1. Cycling holiday

Cycling holidays provide you with an in-depth and intimate way to explore a foreign country. By bicycle, you will get an up close view of cities, the countryside, and you will discover many hidden gems along the way. Cycling holidays are popular with many different travellers, from families to solo vacationers. Their main attraction to this type of vacation is the freedom and variety it offers. All you need is your bike, your map and a few supplies, and you can go anywhere your heart desires. However, if you prefer a bit more structure to your holiday, there are a number of cycling travel businesses that can help. You may wish to look at holidays for a range of guided and self-guided tours. Tour operators may also be able to organise your accommodation along the way.



  1. Camping holiday

Do you want a self-sufficient holiday that encourages you to get back to nature? A camping holiday may be the right break for you. Picture this: pitching a tent in a secluded area surrounded by mountains, lakes, forests and wildlife. All you can hear are the bird’s chirping, the swaying of the trees in the wind and the gentle trickling of water. Sounds idyllic, right? Depending on where you plan to set up camp, you may get the opportunity to go fishing, walking, cycling among many other activities. You can plan your camping holiday to be as rustic or as luxurious as you want. If you’ve never been on a holiday like this before, it is a good idea to do some research into the essentials you should take on any camping trip.


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  1. Rock climbing holiday

Imagine the thrill of ascending and descending a mountain in the beautiful landscape of the UK’s Peak District or the Grampians in the south-east of Australia. There are many incredible areas of the world where you can take part in a rock climbing holiday, from national parks to mountain ranges. Rock climbing is a highly-skilled sport that requires knowledge and experience. Whether you are looking to improve your skills or try this sport for the first time, there are destinations and packages to suit all levels. If you are relatively new to this activity, we recommend doing a few lessons at an indoor climbing centre before you book and booking a guided rock climbing holiday.

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  1. Running holiday

If you are a keen runner, why not combine this passion with a great travel experience. Running races take place in many interesting destinations in the world. Check out the City to Surf run in Sydney. With over 800,000 participants each year the run starts in the city centre and ends at the famous Bondi Beach. There are also many annual races in Europe. An especially fun race is the Marathon du Médoc. During the race, participants snake through several vineyards of Bordeaux sampling some of the region’s wines on their way.


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  1. Scuba Diving holiday

Scuba diving holidays provide excitement and education, but they also give you the chance to visit tropical destinations like Fiji and the Cayman Islands.On a scuba diving holiday, you will learn a new skill while witnessing the incredible world that exists under water. You could see many amazing sights from reefs and wrecks to sharks and schools of colourful fish. If you are a keen photographer, check out a holiday that focuses on improving your underwater photography skills.


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  1. Skiing or snowboarding holiday

Winter sports holidays are exhilarating and addictive. Set in many beautiful locations across the globe, ski resorts offer incredible mountains to explore. As well as comfortable accommodation and fantastic bars and restaurants. Winter sports vacations provide a perfect balance between leisure and luxury. After spending the day carving up the snow on your board or skis, head to one of the mountain top bars for après-ski drinks and entertainment. You will certainly feel like you have earned it! Ski schools that operate from resorts offer lessons for all levels, from beginners to those who want to improve their skills.


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  1. Surfing holiday

If your idea of a perfect holiday involves spending plenty of time in and around the ocean, have you considered a surfing holiday? The best surfing towns of the world give holidaymakers great surf, incredible landscapes and delicious food. You can surf in many locations around the world from the colder climates of Tiree in northern Scotland to more exotic destinations like Hawaii and Bali. If you are new to surfing, pick up some lessons from a local school or an experienced surfer.


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  1. Walking holiday

One of the best ways to discover the world’s most stunning and dramatic scenery is by foot. Great walking trails of the world include the West Highland Way in  the Scottish Highlands and the Tongariro Northern Circuit past the volcanos of New Zealand. Feel inspired? Check out more information on what are considered to be the world’s best walking trails. Don’t forget to bring  a pair of sturdy, yet comfortable shoes, and your camera to capture those breathtaking landscapes.

We hope these ideas have filled you with inspiration for your awesome active holiday. Do remember that your holidays are about getting away from the trials and tribulations of daily life. Ensure you give yourself regular rests from activity on your holiday and dedicate time to relax and unwind.

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