7 Tech Jobs You’ve Probably Never Thought About

Most of us never find out ideal job. We spend a lifetime drifting from one unskilled position to the next, just hoping that someday we’ll be saved from the mundane realities of our working lives. That sounds a bit depressing, right? Well, it is, which is precisely the reason why we all need to apply ourselves and make an effort to find something more interesting over the next twelve months. That said; it can be difficult to get fulfilling jobs if you don’t have the right qualifications. So, after reading this article through to the end, you’ll definitely want to spend some time researching each role online to find out exactly which courses you’ll need to take. At the end of the day, nobody is too old to retrain and change their life, especially not someone who’s already using a computer and the internet to read blog posts like this.

With all that in mind, I’m going to highlight 7 seriously cool tech jobs that you’ve probably never even thought about. They’re not obscure per se; it’s just that most people tend to look elsewhere. Take that how you will. You could see it as a major reason to aim for them (lack of competition), or you could presume people overlook the roles because they’re not interesting enough, but you’d be wrong. So, give me your full attention for the next ten minutes, and hopefully you’ll learn a thing or two about some of the best opportunities out there for tech geeks just like you and me.

1. Computer Programmer

You probably spend a lot of time using different software programs on your computer, but do you understand how they came into being? Well, I’ll tell you. Expert computer programmers take days, weeks, months and sometimes even years out of their life to design, create, test, debug and maintain the software. Some people will find this tedious, and so it’s probably the last thing they should consider doing for a living. However, if you find that you’ve got the knack, and you enjoy building things from scratch, this role could offer you all the job satisfaction you’ll ever need.

2. Web Developer

This next one is much the same as the first, except you won’t spend time creating programs for computers, your days will be take up by creating websites for the internet. You might think this is an easy job, and compared to that of a computer programmer, you’re probably right. Even so, web developers have to know a lot about coding and what works online. They have to understand the best layouts, how to make killer graphics, and how’s best to organise pages. Don’t get me wrong, this is a complicated job, but it’s definitely one that everyone could learn how to perform.

3. Game Designer

If you’re more interested in the graphics side of things, and less interested in spending your days typing code onto a computer screen, then perhaps becoming a game designer would be suitable? There are, obviously, game designers who do write codes, but you’d ideally look for a role where you’re the creative element to that partnership. Most game designers construct graphics and come up with the vision, after that, the work is passed onto the computer geeks who do all the hard work. Not a bad employment solution really, if you can get it.

4. Tunnel Boring Machine Controller

You might well consider this one the wildcard, but as it involves using what many people consider to be the most impressive piece of modern technology in existence, I hope you can see why it has been included. Tunnel boring machines have been growing in both size and functionality for the last twenty years, but now we’ve reached a stage where it’s possible to drill tunnels smoothly through most surfaces to a maximum size of around twelve feet in diameter. How cool is that? So, you could either work for a specialist company that supplies them, or maybe you’ve like to apply to a company that sometimes performs tunnel extensions. I recently read some Ausenco reviews and case studies, where it says they engage in such activities from time to time.

5. Lab Technician

For the most part, lab technicians work in either hospitals or research laboratories, and their main duties usually involve performing tests on samples and analysing the data. This is an essential role in all medical situations, which it’s why it’s vitally important only the most mature and dedicated people apply. Still, it’s a cool job to have, as it means you get to use some seriously awesome scientific tech. You know; the kind of stuff your chemistry teacher kept in his locked cupboard that students weren’t allowed to touch. To score work in this field, you’ll have to get some pretty good grades as university, but the pay is so fantastic that it’s worth making that commitment.

6. Glass Developer

You’ve probably all seen the news about Google Glass, right? Well, this is tipped to be the next leap in technology that has the potential to completely revolutionise the way we use and interact with computers. While there have been a number of prototypes released in the US over the last two years, the final product won’t make it to market until the last few months of 2014. Even so, there are many different companies now jumping on the bandwagon, and while they obviously can’t replicate Google’s idea directly due to patent issues, glass technology is appearing all over the place in many different industries. So, why not learn how to develop improvements for this and get involved?

7. Smartphone Tester

Lastly, if you’re not particularly interested in learning the ins and outs of computer programming, and you can think of nothing worse than sitting in front of your laptop all day typing, it might be wise to look at the possibility of becoming a smartphone tester. Almost all companies that make these devices employ a large team of testers for a few months every single time they’re considering bringing a new product to market. Admittedly, this probably isn’t the coolest job I’ve mentioned, but if you want to find out about all the latest advancements before the rest of the world, you could well love this position.

So my little tech monsters, now you know about some of the tech jobs that never crossed your mind in the past, I hope you’re now feeling more positive about the future. No matter what you do, it’s important you enjoy it, so just bear that in mind.

See you soon!

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