7 Gadgets Every Computer Geek Should Own

Are you a bit of computer geek? Or perhaps you know a computer geek and want to buy them a gift that they’ll love for a special occasion. Buying gifts for computer gifts can be difficult – would you know what to buy Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory? It’s unlikely you’re going to be able to get your hands on a napkin signed by Leonard Nimoy, so take a look at these 7 gadgets every computer geek should own:

1. The Social Networking Shoe

This kind of shoe has been around since 2007 – GPS enabled with Bluetooth capabilities. Companies call them the social networking shoe, as you can input 5 phone numbers into your mobile, and then press a button on the shoe to activate a link to those on the list. This allows you friends to literally keep track of you! Safety has never been geekier.

2. A USB Fan

There’s nothing worse than being stuck inside on a hot day, especially if the air conditioning is broken (or your office hasn’t bothered to have it installed…contact Air Conditioning Direct!). To combat this, a USB fan that  you simply plug into your laptop can fan you until you feel cool enough to go on working. Many of these are lightweight yet sturdy, perfect for the busy, clammy geek!

3. An ID Card Pin-hole Colour Video Recorder

All geeks wish they could unleash their inner James Bond, but never quite know how. Well, now they can with this ID badge. It isn’t just any ID badge though, it’s a portable video recorder that can also be used as a camera – all in the size of a credit card! Useful for certain spy missions.


4. A Smart Watch

Last year, a huge trend was wearable technology. Last year people were attaching iPod nanos to wrist straps and telling people they were smart watches, but this year we have real life smart watches to choose from!

5. A Fitbit

Some computer geeks are also fitness geeks, but some still just prefer to veg out in front of the computer for days on end playing World of Warcraft. A fitbit is a great gadget for both kinds of geek, as it can help to encourage you to be more active while giving you lots of interesting statistics about your daily activity.

6. An E-reader

The e-reader market is getting larger every year. There are many models to choose from, and you can get almost any book you like with just a simple click of a button.

7. A Media Box

Media streaming is blossoming. Now, there are gadgets that even allow you to get streaming video on your TV. A media box allows the user to stream Netflix, sports channels, Youtube videos, local videos, and pretty much anything else you could ever want.

Any computer geek is sure to appreciate one of the gadgets listed above – they help to make lives much easier, not to mention more interesting!

Image credit: VoiceWaves on Flickr.

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Published on: March 27, 2014

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