7 Essential Home Improvements That Will Impress the Ladies

It’s all very well and good living in a bachelor pad, but what about when you want to start dating? There’s no way you could ever bring a woman back to the man cave you’ve created. 55-inch TVs and Star Wars action figures may impress the lads, but they certainly won’t impress the ladies. If you’re planning on getting into a relationship, it’s time to transform that man pad. Here are some essential home improvements you’re going to need to make.


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  1. Paint the Walls

Those manly blue walls may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but now you’re feeling pretty claustrophobic. Say goodbye to the man cave by repainting the walls, in something a bit more neutral. You don’t need to go all out girly with pastels, so don’t panic too much. Just create something lighter, brighter and airier.

  1. No More Boudoir

Your bedroom is not your boudoir anymore. There should be no marks on the bedpost and no velvet throws. No woman is going to be impressed if it looks like you bring someone different back every night. Create a relaxed space where your new lady can feel at home.

  1. The Entertainment Centre

Let’s face it, the entertainment centre is your pride and joy. Who cares if there are 4,000 cables from all of the retro games consoles, right? Wrong. Tidy that mess up a bit and turn it into something sleek. A new TV stand and some cable tidies should do the trick.

  1. The Bathroom

This is going to be the one area that most women would run a mile from if they could see it right now. Want our opinion? Rip it out and start again, there’s no hope otherwise. Sites such as do some affordable bathroom sets, which are far more female-friendly. Make sure you get a vanity cupboard to hide away all of those girly products you definitely don’t use. We know you do, she doesn’t.


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  1. The Kitchen

Another room which probably needs a complete overhaul. First things first, invest in a dishwasher. The new lady in your life is not going to take that role on. Add some fancy kitchen accessories and hide all the takeaway boxes. She’ll think you’re a pro chef, even if you can’t fry an egg.

  1. Clean Those Carpets

If only you had a pound for every time your mates have worn their muddy football boots in your house. Those beer stains and boot marks may bring back memories, but no woman is going to appreciate a dirty carpet. If you don’t have the funds for new flooring, hire a carpet cleaner and they’ll be as good as new.

  1. Storing Clothes

Do you own a floordrobe? Most men do. Show your new woman that you’re tidy and organised, by sorting out some proper clothing storage. You can even leave her a little space for her overnight stuff if you’re feeling generous. Just not too much space, unless you’re also giving her a spare key and asking for half the rent.

We all have to grow out of our man caves eventually. Unfortunately. That is unless you find a woman who is one of the lads. In which case, well done to you sir and ignore all of the above advice. She probably loves your 55-inch TV and Star Wars figures.


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Published on: June 2, 2015

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