6 Garden Tools You Need In Your Shed

If you love natural settings, then your garden is probably a sanctuary. Maybe you pour over gardening store catalogues and love garden makeover features in magazines. But are you suitably equipped to tend to your own yard? A couple of key power tools can cut your gardening time in half. Here are six gardening tools every garden shed needs.

1. Lawnmower

It goes without saying that a lawnmower is necessary for maintaining your garden. A healthy lawn needs regular mowing to keep it in healthy condition. Whether you favour self-propelled models or a manual mower, look for a model that is comfortable and simple to operate. When buying a mower, also take a look at the price of replacement blades and factor this into your consideration. The prices can vary greatly between different makes.

2. Chainsaw

Taking down thick branches and limbs is a breeze with a chainsaw. While a gently-does-it approach is usually best for gardening, sometimes you need a little extra power. Lightweight chainsaws, like those available from manufacturers such as Ryobi, make it easy to trim large trees safely. When using your chainsaw, make sure not to reach above shoulder height for safety reasons.

3. A Rake or Blower

Clearing leaf litter from your yard makes it immediately look tidier. Blowers and wide rakes make it easy to remove leaves, twigs and grass clippings from your garden. Particularly for pathways, decking and rock beds, a blower makes it simple to clean a large surface area. A blower is also ideal for tidying mulched or bark garden beds that are difficult to rake clean.

4. Hedge Trimmer

Unruly hedges drag down the whole appearance of your property. A hedge trimmer makes formal, straight-edged hedges look tidy. To keep your hedge in shape, start by trimming the vertical edges first. Sweep up and down the hedge, moving along both sides until you’ve reached the edges. Then you can start trimming across the top. If you aren’t sure whether the top of the hedge is level, two stakes and line of string will help you see any uneven spots.

5. Edger

A good quality edger makes a huge difference to the appearance of your lawn. Edging trims back the raggedy tendrils of grass creeping their way across your pavers and the borders of your garden beds. Taking off these edges makes the lawn look healthy and well-manicured, leaving clean lines. The edges of your lawn don’t have to all be straight either. You can play around with curved edges to create lines of symmetry.

6. Pruning Shears

While hedge trimmers and chainsaws are necessary for big jobs, a pair of pruning shears is essential for any shed. Intricate jobs such as pruning rose bushes and removing green limbs from plants are best done with a pair of shears. Look for a pair of shears that is easy to manoeuvre, lightweight and sharp. Soft-grip handles will also help take the strain of a day’s gardening off your hands.

Your garden tools might seem like an investment to begin with, but having the right tools means you can keep your garden looking its best. These six garden tools will help you tackle even the most unmanageable garden.

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Published on: August 3, 2015

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