6 DIY Projects You Could Tackle Over Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time to tackle a few projects around the home. While you have some spare time over the holiday season, why not get creative with your decorating skills? Here are a couple of DIY projects you can carry out on your Christmas break.

Smarten Up Your Entrance

The entrance to your home should make a statement. A new coat of paint on your door, some new feature pots, a decorative doormat and your entrance will be much more inviting. You can even colour coordinate your door mat with aspects of the entrance, or add a rustic knocker to the door. Welcome Christmas guests with an entrance that looks fresh and stylish.

Weld Away Your Storage Troubles

Need extra space to store your tools? Break out the welder and start putting together some workshop shelves. Using steel sheeting and angled steel, measure and cut to the length of the shelves you want. Measure half the width and bend the edge to 90 degrees. Grab your welder to attach brackets to the shelves. If you don’t have a welder, companies such as WIA have a large variety of welders and welding rods perfect for any DIY job. Once the brackets are welded on, attach the shelving to the wall.

Re-cover a Headboard

Skip the visit to the furniture store for a new headboard and add a modern touch to your existing one. Make your own headboard using plywood and beams for support. Select a hard-wearing material, as it will be prone to dust and fading. Pack some high-density foam between the headboard and fabric, stapling it to the centre and edges of the headboard. Then place a topper over it and add your fabric, using a hot glue gun and some sewing to secure the edges.

Revamp Your Garden

Christmas break is the perfect time to tend to an overgrown garden, or the dead space where a garden should be. Pick up some small pots from your local nursery and add garden strips to create a border around your garden bed. Plant your new pots and add tanbark or mulch over the top, then water thoroughly.

Update Your Tapware

Cracked, rusting or damaged taps bring down the whole look of your bathroom. Visit a hardware store or bathroom supplies store for taps and water spouts. Be sure to get the same configuration as your bathroom – adding mixers is best left to the professionals!

Replace Shower Heads

Switch your free-flowing shower heads to water-saving options and see how quickly your water bill goes down. Unscrew the old shower head, remove the faceplate and the old tape. Clean the area with a rag, put the faceplate back on and add new Teflon tape to the thread. Screw the new shower head on and wind by hand until it sits tight. Use a spanner to tighten the shower head so it won’t leak.

These simple DIY jobs can make a big difference around the home and the holiday break is a perfect time to do them. What are some other DIY jobs you will be doing over the holidays?

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Published on: November 20, 2015

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