5 Ways to Fight off the ‘Holiday Blues’

As Santa’s long descent from the North Pole finally reaches its tumultuous end, it’s time to get into the holiday spirit and indulge in the wondrous festivities of Christmas time.

Even though December is supposed to be one of the most joyous times of the year, many people share a distinct dissimilarity. As wonderful as the holiday season may be, it’s also a time of high-stress, sadness and anxiety. Since Christmas time is centered on the concept of togetherness, love and friendship, some individuals can feel overwhelmed by the pressure to feel happy; in addition, the holiday season is also a time commonly associated with demanding work deadlines, frantic shopping malls, uncomfortable family reunions, office parties and stressful traveling.

Fortunately, valuable tools exist at your disposal that can ease the feelings of sadness and stress when they do surface. Here are 5 constructive tips you can start incorporating into December today:

Don’t overcommit

Peer pressure from friends and families make it hard to say no, especially when ‘tis the season to celebrate. To avoid this situation and prevent attending something you’d rather not—plan ahead. When your schedule is organized and your priorities are set, saying “no” instinctively becomes easier and you will appear less uncomfortable as you will be more assertive.

Don’t overdrink

Between unresolved family issues, seasonal depression and the overall stress of the holidays can encourage over-usage of alcohol. If you do intend to drink, moderation is a significantly important as well as drinking with other people and/or socially. “Hitting the bottle” alone will only reinforce the feeling of sadness. And since alcohol in its self is a depressant, it’s strongly advisable to avoid using it all together.

Give yourself some much needed alone time

The holiday season hoards in people into town as if they were sardines. Do yourself some good and concentrate on the things that bring you happiness in the comfort of your own space.

  1. Captivate your mind with a fascinating, page-turning novel.
  2. Learn to cook something new.
  3. Flip on television, lit the fireplace, slip on your pajamas and distract your mind with great home entertainment. If you’re tired of the same old cable programming, it may be time to upgrade your entertainment service, and with the DIRECT TV Choice package is the perfect place to start.

Get the blood flow circulate

. When you’re feeling down, most likely the last thing you want to do is exercise; in reality, it’s the best thing you could possibly do for your mind and body. A hardy sweat will do more than just speed up your metabolism and balance your holiday diet, but it will also alleviate anxiety. Studies have been proven that exercise alone can work just as effectively as today’s antidepressant medication. So, lace up your shoes and experience the feel-good effect of working out—preparing you to face the holidays with peace of mind and confidence.

Get in touch with Mother Nature

No one understands you better than Mother Nature. Some fresh air during times of high stress release a plethora of benefits that you probably aren’t aware of. Visit a scenic location or find a secluded area that overlooks the landscape; it will help to put things into perspective and fight off the ‘holiday blues.’

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Published on: December 31, 2015

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