5 Ways To Add Style To Your Man Cave

The man cave: a sacred space where the man of the house retreats – often a spare bedroom, den, garage or basement. The man cave is a space where men can be men, playing videogames, drinking beer, and make their own styling choices (which may have been vetoed in décor decisions in the rest of the house). However, a man cave is only as good as the set-up and the equipment in it. For any lad looking to deck out their man cave, these 5 tips will ensure you equip your man space with the right gear… and the right style.

1. A Comfortable Place To Kick Back

Comfort is an essential ingredient for truly chilling out in any man cave, but comfort should never come at the expense of style. That means some form of seating is non-negotiable. A classy leather chesterfield couch, for example, is perfect for relaxing and enjoying a cold drink. Soft furnishings such as wool blankets and pillows from suppliers like MiniJumbuk can also ensure your man pad is so plush you’ll never want to leave.

2. A Place To Play

Depending on the kind of hobbies and pursuits that tickle your fancy, a key aspect of creating a man cave is having a number of fun activities. This could mean a pool table, dartboard, videogame console, and maybe card table, pinball machine or chessboard. After all, if you’re going to invite the boys around for a man date, you need something to entice them over in the first place. This means having man-centric activities and plenty of them.

3. A Place To Pour Drinks

A key function of a man cave is to be self-sufficient, avoiding having to travel to the rest of the house. A bar in the space helps achieve this. After all, man caves are made all the more fun when entertaining others. A small bar fridge stocked with some cold drinks and a place to keep snacks makes the area even better – with a few carefully displayed bottles of spirits completing the look.

4. The Right Lighting

Good lighting can be one of the biggest defining features to add style to any room. In a man cave setting, there could be a number of options, including a neon bar sign emblazoned with your favourite brand of beer. A funky retro signature lamp on a side table could also be worth throwing into the mix. Because all caves need light, some form of overhead lighting is a must, but never make it too bright. The lighting in a man cave should always be on the dimmer side. After all, you don’t want bright lights shining onto those inevitable food and drink stains!

5. Personal Touches

A man cave should reflect you as the man of the house. Personal touches are one of the biggest ways to style the space to make it truly yours. Whether it’s your sporting photos, prints of your mountain-climbing adventures, or anything else that represents you, this is your room, so use the opportunity to add personal touches to show off the kind of man you are.

What other ways have you pimped out your man cave and added those touches of style? Leave a comment and let your fellow man cavers know!

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Published on: November 20, 2015

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