5 Tips For Maintaining The Perfect Bachelor Pad

When you think of a bachelor pad, you don’t think of all the hard work that goes into the creation process. You, my friend, have clearly never designed or created a bachelor pad if you think it is easy work.



The problem is that hard work flies in the face of everything a bachelor pad stands for. It is like the complete antithesis of the definition of the phase. So, once you get your pad off the ground, you need to find the perfect balance of maintenance and the essence of a bachelor pad. Here are a few tips if you are struggling for inspiration.

Takeaway Menus Drawer

Everyone needs to eat, but a bachelor pad is not the place for cooking or healthy eating. Don’t fear because there is an alternative – a takeaway. The ultimate bachelor pad will always have a range of takeaway menus in the drawer to use at a moment’s notice. You and your friends will never go hungry again as long as you constantly add to the huge pile of menus on a regular basis.

Beer In The Fridge

Whereas most homes drink water and coffee, you spend your time drinking beer! Okay, you don’t always drink beer because that would make you an alcoholic. Still, you are a single man, so you drink a lot of beer and so do your friends. As a result, the fridge constantly needs stocking with alcoholic beverages. No self-respecting bachelor pad runs low on beer because you never know when an impromptu after party will erupt at your place.

Cable TV

The one thing that sets the bachelor pad out from any other house is the TV. Now, let’s take it for granted that your TV is ridiculously big. To most people that is oversized, but to the bachelor it is perfect for optimal viewing. However, a big TV doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t have the right channels. After all, your house is the life and soul of the ‘Big Boys Get Together’. If you don’t have the game, who will? Thankfully, JNB Aerials are on hand to, well to offer a helping hand. Not only do they install aerials, but they will also fix it if it ever breaks. With JNB at your disposal, your bachelor pad will always be the life and soul of the party!

Add To The Games Room

To begin with, there is no excuse for you pad not to have a games room. But, a couple of games are not enough for maximum entertainment. You need to keep a few essentials like the pool table and add a variety of others. At the minute, the most popular are retro arcade games like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong.

Hire A Cleaner

The one thing that you cannot allow is for your pad to get dirty. Yes, you are a man, but the days of men living like animals is over. Plus, how do you expect to get a girl back to a house full of leftover pizza boxes and dirty dishes? It goes without saying that you don’t want to clean the house, so hire a cleaner.

A cleaner will always maintain your bachelor pad to the best of their abilities.


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Published on: November 2, 2015

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