5 Tips For Keeping Your Barbeque Clean

Racing to your patio, laden with meat, vegetables and condiments, you are filled to the brim with enthusiasm and thoughts of deliciously cooked food. There stands your barbeque in all its glory, waiting to be opened and fired up. But wait – are those cobwebs? Is that rust? Are those the remnants of your previous meals? Don’t let this be you. Avoid disappointment, delay and possible food contamination by keeping your BBQ perpetually clean; below you will find five tips that will help you get started.

Clean After Every Use

The first tip is without doubt the simplest, albeit probably the most annoying: make sure that you take the time to clean your BBQ after every use! Sure, you may have had a lot to drink, or you might be tired or busy after you have finished cooking your food, but putting that little bit of extra effort in now will mean that you have less to do later. If you ensure that you clean your BBQ straight after you use it every time, then it will be good to go for next time you feel like having grilled sausages and steaks!

Line the Drip Tray

One way to keep that sucker extra clean and cut down on the amount of cleaning that you will need to do is to line the drip tray with aluminium foil. In fact, while you are at it, give it a double lining, just to be sure. Doing this one small thing before you start cooking will save you a lot of time on the clean-up, as it will just be a process of pulling out the old aluminium foil, chucking it in the bin, and relining it ready for the next use.

Keep it on High After Grilling to Burn Off Excess

Another way to clean your BBQ effortlessly after you have used it is to leave it on high after you have finished grilling. You don’t have to leave it on for hours, just a five minute spell should be enough to burn off any remaining meat that is stuck on to the grill. Once you have done this you will be able to simply scrape the rest of quite easily, leaving a clean, healthy BBQ.

Use a Metal Brush

Be sure to invest in a metal brush, as when it comes to your BBQ, this will be one of your best friends. A metal brush is harsh enough to get right into those little gaps and to scrape off those last lingering bits of meat and other food from the grill. Specialists such as Barbeques Galore have a range of different cleaning implements to accompany your BBQ, so why not head directly to the experts for supplies and advice?

Keep it Lubricated

Now that you have a wonderfully clean barbeque, there’s one final step that you can take. Using a cloth or piece of absorbent paper, coat your BBQ with a generous layer of cooking oil. This will keep it lubricated and stop it from rusting if moisture becomes an issue.

What do you think? Do you have any special tips that you use? Share your advice by commenting below.

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