5 Thrilling Things To Do On The Gold Coast

So you’ve decided to visit the Gold Coast. Renowned for its great beaches, stylish restaurants and fun-loving culture, you will be spoiled for options at every turn. For a list of great ideas to get your blood pumping, check out the list below for things to do while you’re here. You can also talk to some of the Gold Coast tourism companies like Inside Gold Coast for great insider knowledge!


  1. Scream Your Lungs Out


The Gold Coast is famous for its love of theme parks, so to get your heart racing, make your way to the various theme parks and spend your day whizzing at high speeds far above the ground. Of course, it’s hard to beat the Giant Drop and Tower of Terror at Dreamworld, but for pace, you can’t go past the Superman ride at Movieworld. Take your pick and scream your lungs out!


  1. Share A Swim With A Shark


If you want to feel your adrenaline pumping, you can be sure that an up-close-and-personal encounter with shark is a good way to get there. Find somewhere you can go diving with the kings of the ocean, and make sure you have someone take a photo – you might never convince your friends back home otherwise!


  1. Enjoy An Aerial View


Ever wanted to see the world rush up at you in a matter of minutes? Then consider throwing yourself out of a plane (parachute attached, of course!). The Gold Coast has one of the most incredible aerial views, with beautiful coastlines, amazing skylines and the beauty of the hinterland in the distance. And while the jump may not last too long, you can be guaranteed that at least half your day will be covered with the preparation – and the recovery – from this mind-blowing experience.


If jumping out of a plane isn’t your thing but you’re keen for the view, organise a heli-tour or adventure flight through the area. Enjoy your own personalised flying limousine as you scan the horizon and take in the sights.


  1. Run Through The Trees


Just outside the Gold Coast is the beautiful Gold Coast Hinterland, which boasts beautiful green forests and a very cool treetop challenge. Give yourself half a day to challenge your fear of heights while basking in the beauty of nature. If you don’t want to head into the hinterland, you can also visit Currumbin for a Gold-Coast-based treetop challenge.


  1. Hit The Dunes


You’re at the Gold Coast, so why not enjoy the coast itself? Grab your mates and head into the sand dunes for some fun on a buggy tour. You can kick it off with higher speeds, soak up the sun, and throw yourself around in your trusty little vehicle – and don’t forget to finish with a quick dip in the refreshing waters.


While there’s no shortage of activities, these are just a few thrilling things to get you through your days on the Gold Coast. What has been your most thrilling holiday adventure?


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