5 Things to Invest in When Opening a Café

Having a great café involves a lot more than being able to make a great cup of coffee. To open and continue operating a successful café, you need to understand what is important and the things that make a real difference, and make them a priority.

So, what should you invest in when opening a café?

1. The ambience of your premises

Think of your café as a home away from home. To many people, their favourite and preferred café is a welcoming place synonymous with relaxation and enjoyment. Custom shopfitters, such as the professionals at Tu Projects , know that creating the right atmosphere and ambience is extremely important. It can even be a determinant of success. Think carefully about the layout, music, décor and overall design of your café and how it translates and appeals to your existing and future clientele. Invest not only in the right design for your café, but also in the support of design and shopfitting experts to create an interior that really works for your café.

2. A comprehensive business plan

Investing in a solid, thorough and comprehensive business plan is always worthwhile. Essentially, you need to differentiate your business from the competition and create a unique and appealing concept to underpin your café. However, your plans must always be commensurate with your finances; you need to know and operate within the financial parameters of what you can afford. Before getting too far ahead of yourself understand that, in most cases, the café business is high-volume and low-transaction. Think carefully about how this will affect you and the resources you have to support this.

3. The right location

Invest in the right location for your café. Factors such as location accessibility, demographics and lease arrangements should be prime considerations when finding the right place for your enterprise. You need to be guided by the demands and wants of your customer-base, and create a café that is well-located, aesthetically appealing and well-managed. These factors are key to success.

4. Your people

One of the most important investments you can make when opening a café is in the people that you have working for and with you. In terms of partners, look for organisations that share the mission of your business and are completely willing to support it. Similarly, investment should be made in finding, recruiting and training great employees who feel connected to your café and committed to its success.

5. Incredible coffee

When opening a café, you need to not only invest in great coffee and be able to make great coffee, you need to be passionate about coffee! Ensure that you source and use the best coffee and equipment available and train your staff to make wonderful, delicious coffee. After all, coffee is a specialty of every café and important to so many people.

As you plan and prepare to open a café, be sure to invest in the things that determine the success and longevity of your business. You need a robust business plan and financial resources to back your venture, together with a suitable ambience and location for your venture. Support and nurture the success of your café with outstanding people and exceptional coffee.

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Published on: September 22, 2015

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