5 Reasons Why You Should Start Skateboarding

Whether you think of it as an art, a hobby, or a sport, skateboarding has had an enduring presence over the decades. It transcends cultural and geographic boundaries, it appeals to people of all ages and its ‘cool factor’ is undeniable. Are you interested in picking up a skateboard and hitting the pavement? Here are five reasons that will seal the deal, no matter who you are.

Get Outdoors

As a form of transportation, one of the best things about skateboarding is the fact you get to be out in the fresh air, soaking up some sunshine and enjoying refreshing breezes. With your skateboard under foot, you could head down to the local skate park, make your way to a friend’s house or simply see where your board takes you. Forget hours spent in front of the television or computer.

The Exercise Benefits

Apart from getting a healthy dose of fresh air and Vitamin D, skateboarding allows you to work up a bit of a sweat and exercise your muscles. As it requires balance, your core will be activated, helping you to strengthen your abdominal muscles and even improve your posture. Let’s not forget just how much your legs will be pumping to get you moving!

Get a Stylish New Companion

Tennis players have racquets, soccer players have their boots and golfers have clubs – all of these items can be customised to suit a person’s preferences, including style needs. Skateboarding is absolutely no different. These days you’ll find a veritable smorgasbord of designs and sizes to choose from, brought to you by skateboard specialists such as Penny Skateboards . So whether you love pastel colours, want a plastic longboard, or think a glow-in-the-dark board is the way to go, you’re sure to find it out there. Expressing your unique personality is super simple.

Build a New Set of Skills

It doesn’t matter if you’re learning tricks or learning how to navigate your board smoothly from one end of your street to the other; if you’ve never hopped on a skateboard before, it’s going to take some perseverance to develop even the most basic of skateboarding skills. Are you the kind of person who loves a challenge and doing something different? This is the activity for you.

Meet New People and Make New Friends

Along with creating new skills and improving your fitness, skateboarding will also likely introduce you to a new group of people. Head to the nearest skate park and you’re bound to meet fellow enthusiastic skaters who would be glad to show off for you and teach you a thing of two. Even hanging out at your local skate shop and speaking to the staff should pave the way for some introductions. The skateboarding community is tight-knit but welcoming, so in no time at all, you’ll find yourself surrounded by new friends.

Have you recently started a new hobby or sport? What made you to decide to do it? Share your experiences and thoughts on skateboarding by commenting below.

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Published on: August 17, 2015

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