5 Reasons to Quit Your Day Job and Work for Yourself

If you know people who work for themselves or even run their own businesses, you’ve probably heard both the good and the bad sides of this path. On the one hand, you get to be your own boss. On the other hand, you have to be your own boss – no one else is going to guide, motivate, or pay you. But, when everything is weighed up, working for yourself beats a typical day job any day of the week. Below are just five of the great reasons to hand in your resignation and venture out into the commercial world for yourself.

1. Learning About Everything

When your business success and, in fact, your livelihood depend on you knowing how to get things done correctly and efficiently, there’s a good chance you’re going to be learning how to do those things. Business owners, particularly in their early days, find themselves having to educate themselves on a diverse range of areas, from marketing to finances, and from website development to leadership and management skills. On top of this, being a business owner forces you to learn a lot about yourself as a person and how you react in different situations, which is both exciting and insightful.

2. So Many Options

There are more avenues than ever before open to entrepreneurs when it comes to the type of business they can pursue. Some varieties of popular start-up businesses that could never have existed a couple of decades ago include internet-based retailers and telecommunication product distributing businesses, which have been made possible by companies such as Telcoinabox.

3. Better Money

Firstly, when you work for yourself, you set your wages. There’s nobody to argue with about how much your time and services are worth. Plus, you have a lot of flexibility; if you need some extra income, you can simply put in some extra hours. You also have more control over other financial influences, such as the amount you contribute to your superannuationcompared to your checking account.”.

4. Creative Control and Autonomy

When you work for someone else, if your opinion about the way something is done clashes with theirs, the result is typically frustration. When you work for yourself, you call the shots. As a consequence, your work and your business will become a strong reflection of your own ideas and personality, which can make your work a more fulfilling aspect of your life. There’s also something satisfying about being the only person who can give you instructions.

5. You Can Work from Anywhere

Dependent upon the particular line of work, most self-employed people enjoy the freedom of being able to complete their work from anywhere. This means an enhanced ability to travel at will and move location when desired with minimal effects on your business and income.

Every single day, more people are trading in their day job for an entrepreneurial adventure because of all the reasons above, plus a bunch more. If you’ve been thinking about taking this step, there’s no time like the present.

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Published on: December 19, 2014

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