5 Popular Styles of Facial Hair in 2014

Good news bearded fellows! Facial hair is back and back in a big way. But before you go out unleashing your inner-lumberjack on the general public be warned. Just because you’re wearing a beard doesn’t mean you have an excuse to skimp on personal grooming. Read this quick guide to the most popular styles of facial hair in 2014, grab some products from Uppercut Deluxe Shop and avoid facial hair faux pas (we’re looking at you wolverine!) that could jeopardise your chance of romance.

Heavy Stubble

This kind of in-between look gets the best of both worlds and allows you to cater for your bearded urges without looking like someone who needs rental assistance. Grab your clippers and find what length that works best. This men’s facial hair style is really in at the moment, so don’t be surprised if you start turning heads.

5 O’clock Shadow

Here’s a good look for the working professional. Maybe you’re blessed with the genetics to pull this one off everyday, maybe you have to apply some strategic shaving routines to maintain this look, but the 5 O’clock shadow can really add an exciting sense of edge to the whole corporate look – Don Draper anyone? Make sure you find some male personal grooming products that help cut down on rashes and prickly cheeks.

Full Beard

Channel your inner-Gandalf (although maybe it’d be a bad idea to let your beard get to quite that length) and show people you’re a manly man with a full beard of epic proportions. It’s like an instant wisdom generator. People will start coming to you for advice, and with a simple stroke of your beard even the zaniest suggestions can seem deep and profound. Very important though, make sure you give it a good shampoo every now and then, if you want to maintain your social circle.


Not everyone can pull this one off, but if you’re one of the lucky few the goatee provides a clean, stylish alternative for the facial hair enthusiast. Make sure you have a good razor, but from there you can pretty much going crazy with your creativity, crafting out a style that really looks the part. There’s a fine balance of course, but the right touch can really suit your overall look and complement your general style.


Again not everyone can pull this one off, but those who can should wear the moustache loud and proud. Be creative in your personal grooming. Add a soul patch and go for the cool-Jesus look or maybe even handlebar it out if you’re feeling brave. The options are endless, although it might mean you may be required to start wearing leather if you plan to wear your moustache in a certain way.

What do you think of this list? Do you know any other great facial hairstyles for men that we haven’t included? Is there anything you would’ve put on the list? Be sure to leave any questions or comments in the section below, and thanks for reading!

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