5 Must-Have Essentials For Your Man Cave

Man caves are awesome. On this, we can all agree. However, there are certain baseline items that must be present in a man cave before it can become a true shrine to masculinity.  But where to start? Stick to fundamentals. Areas anyone looking to build a man cave should be starting with are entertainment, food, comfort, and décor.


  1. Home theatre


Think about any time you’ve moved house. What was the first thing you set up when you got to your new digs? If you said anything other than the TV, you’re obviously lying. Speaking to a specialist like Todds Hi Fi to ensure a top-notch man cave setup is one of the first things you should be doing. The TV is the totem around which the man cave revolves, and a good home theatre serves any number of purposes — a great screen for when your team is playing, amazing speakers for a truly cinematic movie-watching experience or pumping your tunes while you work or party.


  1. Bar and fridge


No man cave is complete without a fully stocked bar. In this case, “bar” can refer not only to drinks both alcoholic and not, but also food and snacks. While a fully loaded bar is a great and magnificent bounty when it’s just you, it also makes you an absolute hero when you have friends around for a game, a chill or a boys’ night. It’s also a good excuse to invest in some quality glasses for those occasions when drinks are called for, and you can personalise this however you want.


  1. Seating


Seating is very important in any man cave. While most will go with a number of comfy old couches arranged in a rectangle around the TV, you can always be more creative if the mood takes you. Choose your seating based around what you plan to be doing in your man cave. If you’re a big movie fan, invest in some nice recliners. If you play a lot of video games in your spare time, beanbags are the order of the day. Another good idea is to get yourself some proper stools for the bar area.


  1. Gaming


Whether your prefer video games, sports, bar games or even puzzles, your man cave will likely become a shrine to competition almost without you noticing. A PS4 or an Xbox One is par for the course for gamers, while many would consider a man cave unfinished without pool and foosball tables. For a vintage feel, you could also source a pinball machine or construct an arcade cabinet of your own to play old school games on.


  1. Decorations


Your decorations are where you can really bring your own personality into the room. Who’s your favourite team? Deck the place out in their colours and/or memorabilia. If you’re a movie buff, have a few posters for your favourite films framed and hang them on the walls. Fans of geek and nerd culture will find no shortage of ornamental objects to cover the room in, from highly-detailed scale statues to prop replicas. You can also deck out your bar with the requisite items — neon signs, pub notices, dart boards and so on.


When it comes to putting together the perfect man cave, the possibilities are both endless and entirely personal. Create a space that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. And then get a pool table because, duh, you need a pool table.

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Published on: March 21, 2016

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