5 Hobbies Every Successful Man Should Try

Being a successful man comes with its perks. The main one being the extra cash you have spare to try new things. There’s nothing more exhilarating than trying out a new hobby for the first time. Especially if it’s a hobby, you’d always dreamed of trying. As a successful man, it’s imperative you try out all of these hobbies, at least once in your life. Just to say you’ve done it if for nothing else.


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  1. Golf

Long, leisurely days in the sunshine. That’s what golf is all about really. Find a successful man who says he doesn’t like golf and we’ll find you a liar. There’s just something so relaxing about an afternoon of golf with work colleagues or friends. There’s also something rather dapper about golfing fashion. This is the perfect hobby for those who have a tough week at work and want something more chilled for the weekends. It’s also a great way to impress potential clients or business associates. And maybe even grow your business!

  1. The Horses

A day at the races is the perfect hobby for a successful man. If you’ve been doing well at work then treat yourself to a Grandstand ticket or even a box. No general entry for you! You can flash the cash by having a flutter on the horses. Alternatively, wine and dine whoever you’ve taken with you. Being seen at the horseracing is definitely a status thing, and it has been for years. There’s something quite breathtaking about watching your horse potentially win (or lose) you a bet.

  1. Sailing

This is most definitely a hobby for those who are successful. Spend your weekends seeing the world on the water, by taking up sailing. Sailing may be one of the trickiest hobbies to pick up on this list. However, you can find training courses at places such as There are also lists of races and events to attend, for when you’re fully up to scratch. You’ll feel like James Bond as you take on the waters around the world.


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  1. Poker

If you think you’re a good liar, then try your hand at poker. For those who can keep a straight face, this is the ultimate in ‘successful man’ hobbies. Put on your best suit, head to the casino, and try your luck at the tables. Those who are making tons of money certainly don’t concern themselves with slot machines! The best thing about having poker as a hobby is that it can win you money. If you’re any good at it. More success to add to your success!

  1. Rowing

If you like the idea of being on the water, but aren’t too keen on sailing, try rowing instead. This is truly a sport for the successful and toned man. Just look at all of the attention given to the Oxford and Cambridge rowers every year! This is a hobby for those who want to make a name for themselves. It’s also a hobby for those in prime physical shape. You may want to spend a few weeks down the gym before you even lift an oar. While rowing can be a tough physical sport, it is also about the mentality. Keeping a cool head and working with other people is the aim of the game. A bit like being a successful career man, then!

Which of these five hobbies will you be giving a go? Perhaps you have already dabbled in a few. As we said, every successful man should try them all – at least once – in his lifetime.

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