5 Date Ideas To Treat Your Partner

Want to truly treat your partner with an amazing date? These five ideas are sure to make any guy or girl swoon!

Mystery Picnic

Set up a secret picnic in a mystery spot and then take them there. Once you’re nearing the destination, blindfold them and take them by the hand. Remove it when you arrive and reveal your surprise. Have a big, soft blanket laid out, with a picnic hamper on top. Inside, have all of their favourite foods and drinks. Bring a cooler along too, to keep any wine or meat products cold. If you’re near a tree, you could string up some battery-powered fairy lights. Don’t forget a battery-powered set of speakers too. Make a great playlist in advance, and have it playing once you arrive if possible. We’re not saying proposing is compulsory for this kind of date, but it would make an ideal setting!


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Posh Cinema

Cinema isn’t the standard old affair it used to be anymore. The whole experience got a serious upgrade! First of all, the venues are getting quirkier. You can now see movies of rooftops and basements. Or inside churches and derelict buildings. You might not believe it but, London’s Hot Tub Cinema allows you to walk the action from, yes you guessed it, a hot tub. Find out about it here

Alternatively, standard fare cinemas are also pretty exciting inside. Popcorn flavours are varying and the food is getting better than soggy old nachos. As for seats, these aren’t just standard folding things anymore. Most cinemas offer upgraded seats. These are usually leather and much wider. These seats often have bigger legroom as well. Some of them, at the really good cinemas, have their own speakers. Meanwhile, other cinemas are doing away with single seats all together. The Everyman cinemas are well known for their screens that have sofas and armchairs big enough for two or three. Check them out at!

A Night At The Fair

If you can’t remember the last time you went to a fair or theme park, it’s definitely been too long. Don’t think these places are just for kids and for setting old-fashioned movies in. There are loads to do at them even for big kids like yourselves. Give the evening a touch of class with a visit to a quality local restaurant, like in Blackpool. Indulge in a delicious meal but skip pudding for some candy floss by the sea. Go on a few rides, play Hook A Duck and rediscover your younger side at the Pleasure Beach next door. You’ll find yourselves snuggling up together as you walk around under the technicolour lighting. Sounds like a pretty good date ending to us!


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Home Pamper Session

Got a loved one who loves to pamper? Then bring one of their favourite things to your home. This is a great idea as it suits lots of different budgets. If you’re treating a woman, she will probably especially appreciate this if your home is usually a typical bachelor pad. Plus, it shows you really care about her healthy, well-being and relaxation.

For a lower budget, use items you already have in the house. Set out a miniature spa in your front room or bedroom. Lay our towels, massage creams and play some relaxing music. If you have a bigger budget, you could arrange for a local masseuse to come to your home and give you a couples massage. Or, if it’s just a girlfriend or wife you want to treat, have a manicurist stop by!

Adventure Planning

Looking for a cheap idea for a date at home? This one is free and ideal for partners who love to travel or have adventures. You’ll need to do a little preparation in advance. A couple of days before, swing by a couple of travel agents and pick up some free brochures. Or, you could order them online at places like Also, print off a world map and have that ready too. When your partner arrives home, surprise them with an adventure planning evening. Sit down together with a big mug of tea or a bottle of wine and discuss where you’d both love to go one day. You could plan for a trip later that year. Or, if you’ll need a bigger budget, look at two or three years down the line. You can use the map for this. It will also help for proximity checking in case you want to see a few different locations. Then, get stuck into the travel brochures. You’ll have a plan drawn up by the end of the day and can get saving!


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