5 Best Places To Hunt Out Rare, Classic Car Parts

If you’re a petrolhead like us, you’ll know there’s nothing better than an old, classic car. The iconic designs and original features are more appealing to us than any flashy modern vehicle. Even better is the process of bringing a classic car back to life.

It’s a fulfilling project to take on, but it’s not without its difficulties. The toughest aspect is often getting your hands on missing parts. Old cars have a habit of losing parts that are well out of production. That means you’ve got your work cut out to find the right pieces. Today we’re going to show you the best places to look for classic car parts and help you finish the project.

  1. Join car communities – In every town, you’ll find a community of car obsessives. It might be an Aston Martin club, a Jaguar meetup or a more general classic car society. Get involved with these groups and share your project with them. They’ll be the first to come across spare parts in the local area. Let them know what you’re working on and they’ll keep their eye out for you. In return, you can do the same for them on your search.
  1. Local garage – Your local mechanic deals with cars day in, day out, They will regularly replace parts and take old ones out. Most keep a useful collection of spare parts on site and they’ll be willing to sell to you. The best options here are the independent mechanics and dealers. Again, they’re often friendly enough to keep their eye out for you. Let them know about your project and they may offer a helping hand.
  1. Swap meets – Car communities regularly get together to exchange car parts and advice. Search for the next big meetup in your local area and head down. Sellers will set up their stall, much like a flea market, and you can browse their goods. If there’s one place you’ll find rare parts, it’s here! Again, get chatting to the sellers and you’ll unlock all sorts of valuable advice.
  1. Online – There are lots of resources online for spare car parts. First of all hunt down dealers that specialise in used car parts. You’ll often find what you’re looking for in their database and you can buy right then and there. Another option is to scour the various bidding sites online. The likes of eBay and Autotrader often host rare parts privately. Finally, join online forums for car fanatics. These are filled with great information, knowledge and tips to help find what you’re looking for.
  1. Scrap yards – If none of the above has worked out, it may be time to hit the scrap yards. It’s simply a case of wading through the junkyard to find what you’re looking for. You may have to pay the owner a small fee for the privilege. You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled here, and you won’t always find what you’re looking for.

Classic car parts are not easy to come by. But, in some way, hunting them down is all part of the fun. Enjoy the process and good luck restoring your classic car!


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