5 Awesome Reasons To Love Rugby

Every man needs to keep themselves fit on a  daily basis. If you are not a fan of the gym, but still want to stay healthy, you should think about starting a sport. There are many sports that suit different skills and strengths. If you’re up for a challenge, you should consider joining a rugby squad. If you have never before tried rugby, 2015 might just be the year for you. The sport is inclusive, and clubs tend to welcome newcomers to try out for them. Here are five awesome reasons to love rugby.

  1. Rugby is a social game

One of the best things about rugby is that it is a social game. When  you are part of a rugby squad, you’re part of a family. When the game ends, you and your teammates will go to drink and have fun together. Bonding is a huge part of the sport, and so you find that there are many social activities all the time. That means that you will be getting healthy while you play, and you will also be making a whole load of new friends.

  1. You need to use a wide range of skills

In most sports, you use two or three skills. For example, in tennis, you use hand-eye coordination and stamina to win games. Rugby is a little different. When you play rugby, you need to use every area of your body and every skill you have. You need to run across the field and still have the strength to tackle somebody else. It is not easy, but it means that you keep every part of your body healthy. When you train with a rugby team, you will get the best workout of your life.

  1. It’s a tough contact sport

Few sports are contact sports. Rugby is one of the hardest sports you will ever play. Tackling people is tough, but that is half the fun. Playing rugby is not for everybody. If you get a thrill when you’re on the field, you know that this sport is for you. When you try out for a rugby squad, you should see how you like the sport. Some people don’t like rugby once they try it. They expect to take to it easily. In fact, you will need a lot of training before you excel at this sport.

  1. The kits are creative

Once you’re on a squad, you’ll need a kit. There is something different about rugby kits. Most sports have little range when it comes to kits. Rugby has a wide variety of kits, shorts and boots. When you choose your first rugby kit, you will feel a sense of pride. That pride comes from knowing that you are now part of a team. If the price of kits is worrying you, don’t panic. Sure, many stores will charge expensive rates for kits, but you can find some excellent deals online. Online stores, such as the Irish Rugby Store, have a variety of kits at reasonable prices, and so you don’t need to worry about the cost.

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  1. Rugby players respect one another

One of the biggest things you’ll learn about rugby when you start playing is that the players respect one another. When you play rugby, there is an unspoken level of respect between you and your teammates. That means that you have a solid group of friends who respect you and have your back no matter what happens. Despite the fact that rugby is a rough game, the players tend to be respectful and friendly people. That means that when you start playing rugby, you will have a new, strong social circle.

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