5 Awesome Alternatives To The Office Party

As we all know, the office party can get ugly. Think about all those pent up frustrations. Anger, disappointment, jealousy, lust, dislike, irritations and ongoing feuds. Now throw booze into the mix. You are left with a ticking time bomb of a situation.

So why do we put ourselves through it so often? Who knows? But there are so many alternatives that the pressure-cooker environment of the office party seems silly to put your company through. If you want a motivated workforce, it is wise to investigate them. Let’s take a look at some of them now.



1: A Day Off

What would you rather be doing in your spare time? Spending it with people you only really know through work, or with your own family and friends? For most people, the answer is obvious. Although a day off may not be the most team-oriented activity you can think of, it can certainly bring benefits. It gives people a chance to cool off from the busy environment, will show that you put them first and gives them the opportunity to have a long weekend.

2: A Family Day Out

If you want staff to behave better, get their families to come with them. Most people tempted to hit the sauce won’t go too hard if they have their kids with them. And if you plan a picnic out in the sticks then they will have to drive, which reduces the risk even further. Plus, having the kids around gives people something else to talk about and gives a focus to the entire day or afternoon. It could see bonds being made between people that don’t normally get on.

3: An Activity Day

People remember experiences far more than ‘things’. So give them one. Think about going go karting or setting up a  paintball  day. Archery is another good one. The key is to do something that people will enjoy while not over-indulging on the alcohol. It gives them a reward for all their hard work and will reduce the risk of flash-point situations.

4: A Cinema Trip

If you have a team that don’t get along too well, then reduce the time they have to spend talking to each other. As anybody going through relationship troubles will tell you, it’s the perfect night out! Make an event of it. Perhaps you could go to a screening of a classic film, and make an event of it by dressing up as characters. Look into Secret Cinema for a very cool themed day out.

5: Team Building Trip

Team building trips can be a bore, but choose the right one, and it will work. Give your staff the chance to breathe a little and let their hair down, and avoid anything too business-like and stuffy. They just aren’t enjoyable, no matter what benefits they will bring to your business. The best team-building events are about fun, and fun only. And if you are swapping your office party for one, then you need to make sure it is a suitable replacement.

Any more ideas? Please feel free to share them with us!

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Published on: April 11, 2015

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