5 Activities You Should Consider When Planning A Stag Do

If you’ve been selected as the best man for your friend’s wedding, you’ll probably have to organise their stag do as well. Some people find this an exciting prospect, but others dread having to think of something interesting and desirable to do on the big day. Considering that, I thought today might be the best time to write and publish a short post giving you some great ideas. With so many people choosing to get married during the summer months, you won’t have a lot of time to start making arrangements, so it’s important you read through all the information in this post as soon as possible. You never want to leave something like this until the last minute, as activities often require advanced bookings, and they could cost a lot of money.

1. Shooting

While some people like to go clay pigeon shooting, you could arrange for something a little more special for your friend’s stag do. There are plenty of shooting ranges all over the country that allow you to try out using handguns that take 9mm ammo. These are the type of guns used by law enforcement agencies and bank robbers all over the world. So, whether you want to pretend you’re all gangsters for the afternoon, or even if you’ve always loved the TV show “Cops,” this activity could be perfect.

2. Strip clubs

A stag do is supposed to be your friend’s last night of freedom, so most people would consider it okay for you to take him to a strip club. While you need to make sure nothing too bad happens, there’s nothing wrong with sitting around a table with a few mates, having a few drinks and watching half naked dancers give you the eye.

3. Heavy drinking

Planning a night out in a major city is ideal for stag parties, as there will be lots of different pubs and clubs in close proximity. You obviously need to ensure nobody gets too drunk, as you don’t want to spend the night with them on a drip in hospital, but downing a few shots and dancing the night away is completely acceptable. Also, it’s customary for stag parties to go in fancy dress, so maybe this is something you should consider.

4. Live music

If you’ve been selected as the best man for your friend’s wedding, you probably know them quite well, right? In that case, perhaps it might be sensible to look at events booked at local music venues to see if anyone they like is playing. If you live in or near to a major city, there will be numerous venues you could attend, and there’s sure to be something suitable.

5. Go karting  

So long as there are ten or more people in your group, booking a go karting experience could be the solution to all your stag do headaches. You should get the entire course to yourselves if you make arrangements in advance, so you’ll be able to race each other and pick a clear winner. Don’t worry though, the groom to be doesn’t need any special treatment, so beating him is completely acceptable.

You should now have some great ideas that could make your life that little bit easier over the next few weeks. Above all else, just remember to have fun!

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