4 Unusual Workouts

One of the biggest killers of physical fitness is boredom. It can get really old going to the gym all the time. Not only is it mentally fatiguing, but your body also doesn’t stay in good shape if you don’t mix up your fitness routine regularly. If you are looking for some new ways to stay in good shape, then try these four unusual workouts to keep your mind and body limber.

1. Rock Climbing

Fitness fanatics who are in search of one of the most enjoyable, intense workouts imaginable need to try rock climbing. You can do it both outside and inside. It is best to go with an experienced rock climber for your first several trips to ensure that you learn the right safety techniques. The upper body fitness and endurance that rock climbing builds is amazing.

2. MMA Workouts

Some of the most fantastic athletes in the world are MMA fighters. It only takes one look at the chiseled physique of these fighters as they walk into the octagon to figure out that their workouts are phenomenal. If you want to get a supremely cut body, then look for a gym in your area where you can train like a cage fighter.

3. Skijoring

If you are a dog lover who lives up north, then you may want to give skijoring a try. The basic premise of this sport is hooking your dog up to a harness that pulls you along as you cross-country ski. It is a lot of fun, great exercise and a fabulous bonding opportunity for you and your pet.

4. Row Classes

One of the hottest new trends in physical fitness is actually an old school way of staying in shape. Rowing is often associated with Ivy Leaguers like the Winklevoss twins of Facebook notoriety, but lots of new fans are lining up to learn to row. Rowing classes are now replacing spinning classes as the best hip new group exercise craze in gyms across the country.

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Published on: March 7, 2014

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