4 Superfoods for Healthy Hair

Hair looking a little lacklustre? Can’t afford to fork out for expensive conditioning treatments at the boutique salon? That’s alright; nature has some of her own natural remedies that are perfect for nourishing locks. There are certain foods that are just all around awesome – these are quite commonly referred to as superfoods. Luckily for your wallet, there are superfoods that are very effective at repairing damaged hair or simply maintaining their health – all you have to do is eat them!

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Without further ado, here are four superfoods to the rescue!


Walnuts are packed full of nutrients and healthy fats, as are many unsalted and unroasted nuts. They not only increase the silkiness of your hair, but they are great for your strengthening your bones. Walnuts are very versatile for cooking – sprinkle them over a light salad, bake some delicious muffins with them, or just eat them alone for a healthy snack! Almonds, cashews and other nuts are also very effective.

Wild Salmon

Salmon is another superfood packed with healthy fats that your hair (and your taste buds) will adore. It’s also a brilliant source of protein, which is very beneficial for healthy locks! Salmon will reduce the dryness of your scalp and make your hair lovely and smooth. Make sure you choose good quality wild salmon – none of this domesticated salmon business.


It’s a shame that animals of the sea don’t have hair – they’d have the healthiest locks on the planet! Yes, another sea dweller is great for restoring strength to your hair. Oysters are brimming with delicious zinc, an essential element to having strong locks. They prevent hair loss, a dry scalp and promote faster hair growth. Oysters are not everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s another added bonus to consuming them – they are well known for being quite an affective aphrodisiac. Bet they don’t taste too bad now!


Eggs really are just a miracle food. The nutrient biotin is found in eggs, which is great for scalp and haircare. Plus, you can do so much with eggs! Scrambled, poached, fried, raw….well, maybe not the last one. Grab a fresh 12 pack of free range eggs and your hair will be thanking you for it!

So before you fork out hundreds for an extensive treatment, try adding some of these superfoods to your diet and see if you notice any changes. Not only are these foods great for your hair, but they’re also foods that are essential for keeping the body healthy.

Have you ever tried these superfoods and noticed a change in your hair? What are some others that you can suggest?

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