4 Great Mens Shoes Styles to Keep it Fresh

Many men keep it simple in the shoe department, with maybe just one pair for dressing up, one pair for the gym, and some sandals for the beach. But if you like a little more range in your footwear, and you are ready to add a few dimensions to your game at ground level, consider the four classic looks in mens shoes that add style. Sure to make your feet stand out in the crowd, each one has a time and place where it shines the best, but all of them are flexible enough that they can fit in with more than one set of surroundings. With some simple common sense and a diverse but limited set of the most frequently used footwear you can need, you can build your shoe collection into the final piece of the puzzle of looking outstanding whenever you step out. Read up on the four most popular mens styles, and when you are done, browse some of these mens shoes online!

1. Desert Boots

A timeless look that can dress up the jeans, or add a relaxed touch to the sportcoat and slacks, desert boots are a functional and good-looking alternative to dress shoes for many occasions. Ankle high and commonly seen in tan coloration, the desert boot is a style that has been popular for decades, and goes on looking like a timeless winner.

2. Canvas Sneakers

You cannot go wrong with the all-around canvas sneakers. Easy going with a pair of jeans, or bringing a lighter touch to khakis when you are out with friends, the sneakers say style and comfort can co-exist, and your feet say yes, they love comfort.

3. Boat Shoes

A step up in class from the sneakers, but just about as comfortable, the boat shoes can go with slacks to the office, on a relaxed day, or with jeans to the park on a weekend. Of course, if you actually have a boat, then you know well how the non-slip traction keeps you steady on deck, and the sturdy solidly constructed uppers hold up to the elements at sea. But even if you are a confirmed landlubber, there are still plenty of chances to slip into your comfortable boat shoes and stay on dry land, with a drink in hand at the yacht club, maybe.

4. Monk Straps

Somewhere in the fashion shoe world between the penny loafers and the tassel loafers comes the monk straps. Dressy and sleek in black to go with any suit or even capable of looking at home with slacks and a sweater, the monk straps add the classy touch to the plain black slip-on dress shoes that gives you the extra edge, when you are voting with your feet.

Minimalism With Flair

Keep it simple, but maximize the versatility in your footwear, with a solid base of the classic shoe models for all needs. Each one is flexible enough in style to go from work on one day to the club the next night, and beyond, wherever life takes you. At the park or out for lunch, a basic handful of shoe options will serve you well wherever you go, never leaving you at a loss for the best looking feet with the most comfort and ease that the situation will allow.

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