4 Exercises to Build on Your Biceps

When it comes to having toned arms, this is a necessity not a luxury. All men want to look impressive in their t-shirts. There are some ways that you can do this without having to resort to a size XXS when it comes to having rippling biceps.

There are some fantastic exercises and workouts that you can do to ensure that your biceps look incredible.

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  1.    Push Ups With Weights

The faint-hearted need not apply. When it comes to the ultimate arm workout, this is the one for you. You need to position your weights so that you can use them to do push-ups. But, aside from this you need to able to curl them once you are in mid-air. No, you don’t have to have magical powers to complete this; you need to be able to hold your body weight, and some. It can be tough to master these, so do them in the comfort of your home.  Grab your dumbbells and push up. Then you need to curl the weight. Don’t move your upper arm. Repeat this over a set of 20. Then, do the same for the other arm. The key to this is slow and steady. If you go quickly, you may fall over.

  1.    Kneeling Single Arm Curl

This is a little less complicated, but it still provides your biceps with amazing definition. Kneel down and curl for no more than five reps. You need to make sure that you are manoeuvring the weight in your non-dominant hand. Make sure that you kneel and rise as you go. It’s like squats, with weights. This will force your arm to work harder and build the muscle. Take a look at the blackline elite buy page for more information on how to build muscle.

  1.    The Split Jack Curl

There seems to a pattern emerging when it comes to gaining mass on your arms. You’ve guessed it; curls are the best way to make sure that your arms are getting the workout that they need. So, this time round, aim for a set of 20 per rep and make sure that you are curling while lunging. Select your dumbbells carefully as this will take a lot of strengths. Start small and build up. This is the key to getting definition that is sustainable. Jump into your split stance with your left leg leaning forward. At the same time, curl your weights right up to your shoulders. repeat on each leg, with the other arm moving in conjunction. It’s a tricky one to master, but it’s worth it.  This is great for those that hate the feel of cardio. This routine gives you an HIIT training session in bursts of 4 minutes. You’ll never have to use the treadmill again!

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  1.    Squats and Curls

Now, it’s time to make sure that your legs and butt are defined too. So, while you are making the curling motion, right up to the shoulders, you need to be squatting at the same time. No cheating, you need to hit all the way down to the floor. This is an excellent way of making sure that your entire body is defined while focussing on your arms.

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