4 Essential Male Styling Tips

There has been a wild change in male styling and grooming over the last ten years. It has become more and more common for the guys to spend longer in the bathroom than the girls. The bar has been set higher with male grooming. The good news is that it’s easy to stay on top of things. The trick to male grooming is regularity. Keep a tight schedule and routine of grooming techniques and you’ll look sharp every day.

A new suit can set you back hundreds, but it’s worth every penny for that feeling you get. However, if you’re not spending the time to treat your hair and shave correctly, you’re wasting it. A great suit requires the care and appreciation of a man who knows how to groom correctly. First impressions go a long, long way. The way you style your hair, your beard and your wardrobe says a lot about a man.

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Get your hair cut

You should be visiting the hairdressers once a month. We all forget about it and wait until our hair is messy and out of control. The trick to great hair is to look like you never have it cut. That requires regular trips. Every time you have your hair cut, schedule the next one immediately. It’s worth spending a little extra for a good hairdresser, ditch the local barbers. After you’ve had it cut, take good care of it. Wash it daily and find the right product that suits your hair type.


This one’s not just for the girls. You’ll notice a world of difference in your skin. The appearance of your skin goes a long way to making that first impression. Healthy skin gives the impression of a happy and healthy person. When tied in with your new hair cut, it will give you a confident glow.

Facial hair

A lot of men get into the habit of a full dry shave every morning. This is healthy and clean. However, it is not always the right thing for your face. Grooming your facial hair in the right way can completely change the way you look. A rugged shave can add sharp lines to a boyish face. A full shave can bring out the definition of a great chin. Work with what you’ve got and experiment with a Gillette razor to find the right facial hair for you.


Instead of throwing on the first jeans that you see in your wardrobe, think a little more carefully. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication with men’s styling. You can’t go wrong with sharp trousers and a shirt. Tie it together with a belt that matches your shoes and always remember to iron. It’s the little things that make all the difference with styling. The small details are the most important. Keep your shoes clean too.

If you’ve followed all this advice, you’ll be looking sharp. Confidence and a smile are the final complements. Just remember, keep a regular grooming routine and look after your skin and hair. Finally, stick to simple and sophisticated clothes.

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