3 Reasons You May Need a Car Accident Attorney

Over six million car accidents occur in the U.S. every year.  This equals approximately 18,000 accidents per day.  While this number may be overwhelming enough from the outside, if you are one of those involved in a car accident you know how devastating it can really be.  You may be left in pain, with medical bills piling up, and unable to work or participate in the activities you once loved.  In addition, the insurance companies involved may be reluctant to pay and you may be left wondering how you will ever get your life back.  If you find yourself in this situation, you don’t have to do it alone.  A qualified, experienced car accident attorney can fight for your rights and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.


When Should I Call an Attorney?


Some people may be reluctant to call for an attorney right away.  While not every fender bender requires the services of an attorney, there are many situations when waiting to call for help could have serious repercussions.  Furthermore, timeliness may be essential and trying to do it alone may only add stress to an already stressful situation.  There are certain circumstances when an immediate call to a car accident attorney is absolutely imperative.  They include an accident where:


  • Serious injuries occurred
  • Fault is an issue
  • You disagree with a police report
  • Liability limits do not cover expenses
  • The accident happened in a construction zone
  • A death occurred as a result of the accident
  • The insurance company involves its own attorney


In fact, any time you have any concerns about how you are being treated after an auto accident or if you have legal questions that you need answered, the best solution is to contact an attorney you can trust.  It may not even cost you any money thanks to the fact that many attorneys only get paid if they receive a settlement on your behalf.


What Can an Attorney Do for Me?


If you are still unsure if you really need to call a car accident attorney to handle your case, consider three main services an attorney can perform on your behalf.


1.              Build your Case


Immediately following a car accident, you may not be thinking clearly or be able to make sound, rational decisions.  It can be easy to miss important details about the accident or forget to take extenuating circumstances into consideration.  A lawyer can build your case by gathering witness statements, police reports, and road condition information that can help everyone involved get a clearer picture of what really happened.


2.              Explain the Law


Insurance companies often rely on the fact that most people don’t clearly understand their rights.  When you hire an attorney, you can make sure that you understand the full extent of the compensation you deserve, your rights under law, and how to navigate the often complex legal system.


3.              Fight for You


The time following an accident when you are struggling to recover from a serious injury is not the time to take on a multi-million dollar insurance company.  Instead, concentrate on recovering from your injuries while an auto accident lawyer fights for you.


If you have been involved in an auto accident, don’t wait to call for an attorney.  Most attorneys offer free consultations, so you can receive expert advice before committing to hiring an attorney. The insurance companies most assuredly have someone looking out for their rights: so should you.


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