3 Reasons Cladding Is Important for Your Roof

Roof cladding is incredibly important; it gives a home a finishing touch while also making it more secure. Generally, cladding is the non-load-bearing skin or layer attached to the outside of a home to protect it from the effects of weather. In regards to a roof, cladding refers specifically to the layer of material that makes up the external surface of the roof. Cladding can be made from various materials, including wood, metal, plastic and masonry, amongst others.

Roof cladding is important for many different reasons, and it needs to be maintained regularly to continue to fully serve its purposes. To keep your roof cladding in top shape, always rely on roofing specialists, such as Roofmasters, to ensure your roof cladding is performing at its optimum ability. Here are three reasons why cladding is important for your roof.

1. It Keeps the Elements Out

Roof cladding is the essential element that keeps rain and wind out of our homes, protects us from the burning sun, and shields us from other bad weather. Roof cladding is what gives us shelter. It also keeps us warm during the winter and cool during the summer. Cladding allows moisture in the air to escape from the dwelling, ensuring the humidity inside is regulated effectively. This is particularly important in regions with extreme temperatures; cladding can be moderated according to the climate of the region that the structure is located in.

2. It Provides Insulation

By insulating our homes, roof cladding not only regulates temperature, as mentioned above, but it also provides sound insulation, keeping out external noise. This can be particularly useful if you are living in a noisy area – beside a main road, for example. It also serves to keep noises originating from inside the house contained, which is great if you love watching blockbusters with your surround sound system. This insulation can also provide some level of fire resistance, assisting in minimising damage to other parts of the residence if a blaze breaks out.

3. It Can Be Aesthetically Pleasing

In recent times, more and more cladding innovations have emerged, and some of these can be very aesthetically appealing. This means roof cladding doesn’t just protect your house; it also makes it look great. Galvanised steel, aged roof tiles, shale and other materials have all been used for specific visual effects. In certain areas, there may even be restrictions on the roof cladding material used in order to maintain a certain appearance for the region. Roof cladding can also be used for specific historical restorations, making various roof cladding materials incredibly versatile.

There are many ways in which roof cladding is important. It is therefore necessary for your roof cladding to be maintained regularly in order to keep it performing its many functions effectively. Do you know something about roof cladding that hasn’t been mentioned here? Don’t be shy; share your thoughts on this in the comments below. Your experiences or advice about cladding might just help another reader decide on the type of cladding they’d like for their own home.

Image: “Preston Pointe’s Roof” by local louisville on Flickr.

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