3 of the Best Outdoor Sports Apps

Fitness and training go hand in hand. For many of us mere mortals, we all need a little help in the sporting department. We want our bodies to remain a temple. But it can be tough to undertake vigorous daily exercise and make sure that we are maximising our sporting efforts.

Of course, there are no perfect apps. And they cannot replace our legs after a marathon running session around the local park. But, there are some sporting apps that can enhance your workout and make sure that you are using your ‘get fit’ time wisely.

Here are 5 of the best outdoor sports apps:

  1.    Accuterra

With GPS coordinates and not a map in sight, there is no reason for anyone to get lost while they out exploring. This app is available on iOS only and comes with a nominal monthly fee. But, you can track and plan your route and make sure that you are highlighting markers along the way. If you like to run in forests or local woods, this is the perfect apps for you. You can even map out your proposed journey time and make sure that you are upping the pace if you are going to slow. The app will tell you when you are dropping below a certain speed. Great news for those who like to be told off by technology for slacking. One of the best features about this is that the map stores itself to your phones memory. So, a lack of signal doesn’t mean that you have to forgo using it.

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  1.    Star Walk

Not to be confused with the awesome film franchise, Star Walk is the ultimate app for those that love exercising under the moonlit sky. Or, rather just find the time at night to complete their exercise regimen. If you like to be outdoors when you’re exercising, this app will map constellations and ensure that you never lose your way. You can have an app in night mode too, so that has less glare when you’re exercising. It’s a great app to have.

  1. Nike Training Club

When it comes to fitness and sports, we all know that Nike reign supreme. But, if you want to get fit and keep in shape, they are now distributing apps for the let’s say, fitness-challenged. This is a great app that works with your core strength and existing fitness levels. The app will then gently up the ante and make sure that you are working out to your full capacity. If you want to make sure you have all of the right gear, check out the outdoor sports gear reviews website too. It’s time to maximise your workout.

So, make sure that you are getting a full body workout and change your eating habits too. The app will give you recipes and tips for this. Who knew technology could help you so much? The best thing is, that is a free app and can be sought out on iOS and Android. Savvy.

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