12 Essentials For The Perfect Man Cave


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It’s finally happened. You’ve moved out of your parent’s home into your very own bachelor pad, and it is amazing! There is no better feeling in the world than the one of spreading your wings and gaining your independence. That is, until, you realise you have to turn your apartment into a man cave. How do people do it? It’s such a hassle. Well, you can’t go running back to mommy asking for interior decorating tips. That wouldn’t be independent, would it? No, it wouldn’t. So, instead, you can turn to us for advice. Your welcome!

  1.   TV

No self-respecting bachelor pad would be without a television. We are not just talking about any television either; we are talking about the kind that wouldn’t look out of place at the cinema. Think about it, you need a place you can watch the great sporting events of the year and a screen big enough to entertain at the same time. Or, if sports aren’t your thing, you can always invite a nice young lady over to watch a DVD. It’s a winner on all counts!

  1.    Bar & Fridge

You might be right; a bar might be a bit over the top, but who cares? The key to a legendary man pad is walking distance, as in how often do you have to move to get what you want? The answer should be as little as possible, which is where the bar and fridge come into play. Instead of walking into the kitchen, just walk to the end of the room for all your refrigeration needs.

  1.    A Game’s Room

No man cave would be complete without one. Retro arcade games not only look great, they are great entertainment. If the fellas come around, no one will get bored playing Pacman or Tetris. Or, if they are too expensive, move the game’s console into a room where everyone can play. It doesn’t have to be overly fancy.

Aside from the games, the room needs to look the part. A sofa and a few bean bag chairs should do the trick. They will give it the classic, informal style that every game’s room should have.

  1.    Posters & Pictures

You are not at the mercy of your mother anymore, so you can style your flat whichever way you like. A fantastic tip to give it a man’s touch is to spruce it up with posters. There are plenty of rock n roll icons, sports stars and movie icons that look cool hanging on your wall. You can even do a bit of DIY. Get a couple of old records, frame them and hang them up for a proper chill experience.


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  1.   A Personal Touch

It is your bachelor pad and everyone should know it when they walk in the room. So grab some pictures of you and your friends having a good time, or any memorabilia that is special to you. As soon as someone walks in the door, they will know whose house it is.

  1.    Pool Table

It could go in the game’s room, but a pool table deserves a place of its own. It is a vital piece of equipment for any man, and it’s flexible. Beer pong anyone? So much so, a pool table was almost certainly part of the first bachelor pad centuries ago.

That last part might not be true, but you get the drift!

  1.    A Trendy Piece Of Furniture

What? There is nothing wrong with your flat looking the part. Of course you need the essentials, so it functions properly, but it still has to have that WOW factor. Furniture is a great way to achieve this goal because you it is flexible. To start with, you can choose any style you want, from European to Oriental, and pick bold pieces to stand out. Or, you can pick a style and make your furniture fit. A well balanced apartment is just as impressive as one that has a shock factor.

  1.    A Sign Telling Trespassers They Are Entering The Man Cave

Any person who enters should be wary of what is ahead. There is no trifling in a place like this. You either abide by the rules or you pay the consequences. Still, everyone should have prior knowledge beforehand. If anything it is polite, and just because you don’t live at home anymore doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have manners. Manners don’t cost a thing you know?!


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  1.    A Giant Couch

Let’s face it; there are bound to be plenty of bromantic sleepovers and impromptu parties. A giant couch is the perfect place to crash when these ‘spontaneous’ parties erupt, or a great place to bond. There is no better way to wake up than in a pile of bodies, on a huge couch, wondering what the hell went on last night.

  1.    Huge Speakers

Your pad is the place to party, so you have to consider its reputation.  No party pad has ever been inept in the speaker department. It is a historical fact. Music is essential in any man cave and at any get together to set a mood and an atmosphere. The music has to be loud and proud, so the speakers have to match. It wouldn’t be a bachelor pad if it didn’t annoy the neighbours, would it?

  1.  A Reclining Chair

Sometimes you need to take a break from being the hostess with the mostess. Too much of the bachelor lifestyle isn’t a good thing, so there has to be a part of the house that serves a function. A reclining chair is perfect because it is incredibly comfy, and it looks the part, too.


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  1.   A Hidden Door

How amazing would that be? Of course, a hidden door is a logistical nightmare, what with all the rearranging, so they are not realistic. But, if there is just a sniff of a chance, try and grab it with both hands. A hidden doorway or a secret passageway is the perfect way to complete any bachelor pad.

Bruce Wayne, Batman himself, would be impressed!


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