11 Timeless Classics Every Man Should Have In His Wardrobe

Men and women live in different worlds when it comes to fashion. Women have hundreds of options and can make a wide range of ideas work. No colour, texture or outfit is out of bounds for the right occasion. For men, the opposite is true. In this regard, we have it so much easier. A man’s wardrobe should be simple, sophisticated and timeless. We are not bound by changing fashions and trends. The stylish classics never go out of fashion.

We’ve gathered the essentials right here in this post. These eleven items will cover every occasion and work in a variety of combinations. With these simple articles of clothing, every man can look good. There is no need to experiment or try wild colours and styles. Stick to these tried and tested classics and you can’t go wrong. Without further ado, let’s dive into the eleven essentials you need in your wardrobe.


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  1. A tailored suit

There is simply nothing better than the perfect suit. The finely crafted jacket slips over your shoulders and hangs perfectly. It is simple, stylish and guaranteed to make an impression. There are a few rules when it comes to wearing a suit well. So long as you visit a good tailor, you shouldn’t have to worry. They will size it up exactly and make sure you wear it well. When choosing a colour, err on the side of charcoal or navy blue rather than black. Pick up a free Armani sample of Cologne to add to the allure.

  1. Navy blue blazer

The navy blue blazer is a timeless classic because it is so versatile. You can match it with a shirt and trousers for a smart – but not too formal – look. You can sling it over a plain tshirt and jeans for a more casual style. It holds your look together with a stylish sophistication. You can pick up one of these from most men’s fashion stores.

  1. White dress shirt

A good quality, crisp, white dress shirt is the ultimate in smart menswear. A perfectly ironed, clean dress shirt is great for any smart occasion. You’ll make an impact in the office, or turn heads at a fancy event. You’ll have to craft the right outfit to go with it, but that’s the easy part. Smart trousers and jacket will really pull the outfit together. At the formal end, the dress shirt is exactly what you need to finish off the suit.

  1. Pastel coloured Oxford button-down shirt

When the occasion calls for a more casual look, the light blue Oxford shirt is your go-to choice. Any low-key, pastel colour looks great, but the blue ought to be your number one. It works perfectly with tan brown colours in your belts, shoes and satchels. Again, the Oxford is highly versatile. Roll the sleeves up for a laid back look. Roll them down and button up to the neck for a smarter vibe. Match with the navy blazer or just on its own with some good trousers.

  1. Polo shirt

So far we’ve covered the smarter looks. For the weekends you’ll need something a little more casual. You can’t go wrong with a plain, simple polo shirt. The golf course staple can be worn with a blazer or out on its own. Tucked in or let loose, there are plenty of options for the polo shirt.

  1. Cashmere sweater

For the colder months, a cashmere sweater is exactly what you need. It’s a timeless look, but – again – stick to simple colours and patterns. This is where a lot of men start experimenting, resist the urge! The key to layering up is to maintain your general body shape. So avoid chunky jumpers and anything bulky. Cashmere sweaters provide the warmth, yet they are thin enough to look stylish.

  1. Chinos

Chinos are the classic casual trouser. Stick to the timeless cream or dessert colours and you can match it with a polo shirt or plain tshirt. They’re comfortable too, so if you need to break out of the weekday suit, they are the best option. Chinos are also durable and long lasting. If you’re outdoors all weekend and keeping active, they’ll treat you well.

  1. Brown belt

There’s nothing like a good belt to tie everything together. Brown is a great neutral colour that helps define your smart look. Keep that in mind when looking for accessories. Tan browns look stylish and sophisticated against pastel blues and navy colours. Try and work them into your wardrobe. One quick tip: always match your belt to your shoes. If you’re wearing a brown belt, make sure you’re wearing brown brogues. If you stick with a black belt, go with the black Oxford shoe. These accessories will make or break your look.

  1. Brown Brogues

These timeless shoes will work with just about anything you throw at them. They are the masters of the smart casual look. Simple, elegant and reliable, these shoes will fit around a suit or a more laid back outfit.

  1. Black Oxford shoe

Don’t make the big mistake of ruining a suit with the wrong shoe choice. No matter how great the suit, if you get the shoes wrong, that’s all anyone will notice. You can’t go wrong with the classic black Oxford. They look sharp and defined. There’s a reason why the style has barely changed over the course of a century.

  1. Watch

A stylish watch will complete any outfit. If you wear a leather strap, match it to your favourite belt and shoes. It sounds like a small thing, but it really will tie it all together. A simple, analogue face is the classic look. However, there are some good looking digital options on the market. A silver or gold watch can also add a touch of class and sparkle to your outfit. Just don’t go too big.

That’s it guys, that’s really all you need. A simple, sophisticated wardrobe is the key to looking good. These items will never go out of fashion and you’ll never have to worry about trends. The best outfit is the one that stands the test of time. With these items, you can be sure of that.


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