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10 Great Tips on how to Build Muscle

Building muscle is the natural result of consistent exercise – but you can also stimulate its growth by following a couple of extra tips. Of course, a great exercise regime must be coupled with an equally great diet. You can enhance your diet with supplements, available from online nutritional retailers such as To help you in your muscle-building journey, here are ten great tips on how best to build muscle.

Eat more protein

Eat protein if you want to increase your muscle mass. You should eat about one gram of protein per pound of body weight. This is an important tip, as you won’t be able to build your muscles without an adequate supply of protein.

Increase your calorie count

You also need to increase your overall calorie count to build muscle. An easy way to do this is to eat small meals more frequently. This might mean a quick, small meal every two hours or even one and a half hours apart.


Water consumption is often overlooked when training. You need to look after your body so you can train it up. You don’t want to be dehydrated – it really hinders muscle development.

Post workout meals

Post workout meals are extremely important. They give your body the energy and equipment to repair and rebuild after you have trained. Meals high in carbohydrates are a must post workout.


Supplements will definitely help you in your journey to building more muscle. Simple supplements are best – stick with protein powders, multi-vitamins and the like. Find a supplement that works for you. It’s important that you do actually exercise if you are taking them – skimping on workouts while taking supplements might just throw off your metabolism and cause you to put on weight.


Rest properly on your days off so you can give your body a chance to rest and recover. Make sure these rest times are consistent – it might be a good idea to draw up a rest and exercise plan.


This one seems pretty basic – get your hands on all the heavy materials you can, whether you’re at the gym, at home or at work. There is no other way to really get into the business of muscle training if you don’t lift.

Avoid cardio exercises

Cardio exercises use up calories that you could otherwise use to build muscle. If you enjoy cardio, then maybe use it as a quick warm up or warm down.

Prepare workouts

Make the most of the time you are in the gym or training. Write out a plan for what you want to do during each session and what you want to achieve. This will mean more efficient training and will also ensure that you’re not wasting any valuable time.

Train when motivated

You should always train when you are the most motivated. Studies may show that particular times of the day are better for particular types of training, but make note of what works for you. You will get the most out of your training when you are your biggest cheerleader.

So these are ten great tips on how to build muscle. There is other advice out there that you might want to consider – it will all depend on your body type and your level of fitness. Good luck!

Are you currently in the process of trying to build muscle? What have you found works best for you? Is there anything you would add to this list? Leave your thoughts down below.

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