10 Great Reasons to Go to Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a vast history; it started in the 13th century as a simple fishing village, but over time it has become so much more than that. It is one of Europe’s most exciting cities, and on many bucket lists of travellers all over the world. There are hundreds of great reasons to visit Amsterdam, but here are 10 of the best to convince you…

  1. The Museums

There are many cultural things to see in Amsterdam, such as the Van Gogh museum. You’ll be able to see breathtaking paintings from some amazing Dutch artists. There are even museums for children if you’re planning on taking your family with you.

  1. The Parks

The weather isn’t always great in Amsterdam, but regardless, you should visit the parks. If you fancy running or walking, the parks are perfect. Vondelpark is in the middle and quite large.

  1. Opportunities for Biking

Amsterdam is a very bike friendly city, so much so that you’ll need to watch out for them when you turn a corner. Everybody bikes everywhere, so as you can imagine, the air is very clean. You can rent a bike if you’d like to join the locals; it’s probably the quickest way to get around anyway!

  1. The Coffee Shops

Amsterdams coffee shops aren’t famous for their coffee, that’s for sure. Marijuana is legal in Holland, so you’ll probably notice the smell everywhere. This is one big reason many tourists choose to come here. If that’s not your thing, don’t worry; there are plenty of coffee shops where you can just have a nice coffee.

  1. The Food

You’re not alone if you’ve never thought of Dutch cuisine as something worth visiting Amsterdam for, but let me tell you; it’s delicious! There are lots of yummy restaurants to visit, but make sure you visit an Indonesian restaurant during your stay. They used to have links there, so it makes sense that they serve great Indonesian cuisine.

  1. The Beer

Heineken is brewed in the city, so you know you’re going to get a great pint. Why not tour the Heineken factory or visit some local breweries?

  1. Canal Walking

The canals here are out of this world, so make sure you make time for a canal walk. The 17th century bodies of water are a wonderful place to walk and see the city. When you’re all tired out from walking, head back to a quality hotel – check out here for ideas.



  1. The Architecture

Amsterdam has some gorgeous buildings, such as Renaissance buildings and canal houses. It’s a unique place to see, that’s for sure.

  1. Antique Shopping

Amsterdam is perfect for the avid shopper, with art markets, antiques, and so much more. There are even boutiques if you’d like to splash some serious cash.

  1. Unique Jewelry

Finally, Amsterdam is known for it’s amazing jewelry designers. You can find some quirky pieces here for a loved one or yourself made out of things like cotton, resin, wood and more.

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